Thursday 31 August 2017

Our Summer as Super Wings Ambassadors #SuperWingsSummer

Back at the beginning of the summer, I wrote a blog post introducing Super Wings and stated that we would be Super Wings Ambassadors for the duration of the summer. The summer is now coming to an end and we have had so much fun so I just wanted to do a little post on the range of toys that you may have seen us playing with via my social media accounts and a little round up of what we've been up to.

The toys that we received as part of our Ambassadorship were:

  • Transforming Jett
  • Remote Control Jett
  • World Airport Playset
  • Mini Transform-a-bots (Dizzy and Paul)
Before we received the toys, we were slightly familiar with the Cartoonito show so the children recognised the characters. They couldn't wait to get playing!

World Airport Playset (£39.99)

This is by far the ultimate favourite of all the Super Wings toys that we received. The set comes with two mini Transform-a-bots (Jett and Donnie) which was great as C and E had one each to play with. The set itself is absolutely fantastic and it's a perfect copy of the airport in the Super Wings TV show.

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The lights and sounds make it infinitely more exciting for children. C especially loved hearing the phrases that Jimbo, the air traffic controller, says. There is so much to do from attaching Jett and Donnie to the spinner on top and making them fly to having them slide down the ramps at the side and even turning the conveyor belt of packages. I love a toy that engages children, gives them prompts and encourages their imagination which is exactly what this playset does. 

Transforming Jett (£12.99)

I knew before even opening this out that it would be a huge hit with C. He loves anything that is transformable and this one goes from robot to plane in ten easy steps. It took him a little while to suss out exactly how to move every part but the satisfaction on his face when he finishes it is great. 

C is a very fidgety child and always has to be doing something. This is a good toy for helping with that. It's quite large too so it's great for little ones. It's made of durable plastic so no amount of boisterous play (as E would do) is likely to break it.  

Remote Control Jett (£19.99)
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This is so much fun - even I love playing with it. You need to insert batteries into both the actual Jett figure and the controller but after that, you are good to go! You are able to make Jett go forward and spin 360. 

One thing C did ask was "how do you make him fly?" Remote Control Jett cannot fly, everything that he does is on the ground. He quickly got over it when he saw how fun it was! C has tried remote control toys in the past and always got a little frustrated when he couldn't make them go the way he wanted to. As this control has only two buttons, it makes it so much easier to use and we have had no strops at all.

Mini Transform-a-Bots (£3.99 each)

These toys are just like the larger Transforming Jett that I spoke about above except in mini form. The larger ones transform in ten steps, but these mini ones only take three steps!

These are great to carry around on the go, the mini transform-a-bots have done a lot with us over the summer and come in nearly every car journey. Transforming them from robot to plane and back again is great for keeping them occupied. They also fit well in the World Airport Playset too.

Our Super Wings toys (well, the Transforming Jet and Mini Transform-a-Bots) travelled around with us all summer to see what exciting things we got up to. We managed to tick a good lot off of our summer checklist so I'm pleased about that!

We had so much fun getting to know the toys and characters and the children would even say, "We can't forget our planes!" before we went anywhere.

Don't forget that you can watch Super Wings on Cartoonito and you can purchase the Super Wings toys from Smyths Toys, Argos, The Entertainer and Toys R Us.

(We received the toys as part of our Super Wings Ambassadorship. We also received financial compensation by way of voucher.)

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