Tuesday 29 September 2015

The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet Sound Book & The Dinosaur That Pooped The Bed - Review

Way back in December last year, C was lucky enough to get the chance to review three of Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter's (of McFly fame) 'The Dinosaur That Pooped' books and they went down a treat! 

He is a very lucky boy again and has received the new book, 'The Dinosaur That Pooped The Bed' as well as a sound book copy of the 'The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet'. You can read my full review of the '...Planet' book here. The book is exactly the same except it is a hardbacked cover with fun buttons that make relevant sounds when pushed and C absolutely loved them and thought they were hilarious.

I love sound books for children as I find that they are a great way to capture attention. This one in particular is very funny as it has a lot of poo sounds which are perfect for my little monkey. He was in stitches! 

'The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet' sound book retails at £7.00 on Amazon.

I really want to focus on the new book; 'The Dinosaur That Pooped The Bed'. The story is similar to the others. Danny and Dino need to tidy Danny's room which is a bit of a tip. As it is so messy, Danny has a clever idea - why doesn't Dino eat it instead? Dino eats everything, even Danny's bed! Dino got bigger and bigger so they were stuck inside and couldn't get out. Suddenly, Dino felt like he needed to poo and everything came straight back out again.

This is such a funny little book and one that C wants read to him over and over again. I love that the lines rhyme and it just flows brilliantly. I know it will be one of C's favourites for a long time! The other books are all number 1 UK bestsellers and I can definitely see this one following in its footsteps.

'The Dinosaur That Pooped The Bed' can be purchased for £3.85 on Amazon.

(Disclaimer: We received these books for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Monday 28 September 2015

Look in my Letterbox #25

Lovely Alice who runs Look in my Letterbox is off on holiday this week (I'm not jealous at all *huffs*) so this week I'm linking up over at Mummy's Monkey! Here's what I received last week:

I won this gorgeous tulle bow in a game of tag on Instagram from the lovely @sophiebearboutique. The little deer is adorable and so Christmassy!

I won this from Wallis in their Wallis Wednesday competition on Twitter way back at the end of July. We had a bit of a faff and it got delivered to the wrong address but they were so lovely and sent another one out and it came within a few days. I'm very impressed, what a fab company!

Handmade hat
I won this beautiful handmade hat for E from @ajs_boutique16 on Instagram. I love handmade items and this will be perfect for E in the winter.

KD UK toys
I'm so pleased to be a KD UK Mumbassador and we received these lovely bits for C and E to try out!

Beauty bits
Although this is primarily a parenting blog, I do like to treat and pamper myself so I'm excited to try these out!

I bought this book of postcards on Amazon so I can start entering postal competitions. I will need to get myself some stickers to jazz them up!

I bought E a skirt last week and realised I didn't have anything to match it so of course I had to buy her this vest!

Panda hat and socks
I bought these from @little_liv_co on Instagram. Aren't they just the cutest!?

Cycling bits
I did a post promoting Aldi's cycling range that is now in stores and we got to try some bits for ourselves.

Urban Decay mascara
I think this is a SoPost freebie. I love Urban Decay so I'm sure I'll really like this!

E is a brand rep for @little_liv_co on Instagram so we got these gorgeous bows to show off.

Did you receive anything nice in the post last week?

Thursday 24 September 2015

Molly Maybe's Monsters: The Dappity-Doofer by Kristina Stephenson

C takes after his mum and dad and is a total bookworm. When we were offered the chance to review Molly Maybe's Monsters: The Dappity-Doofer, I jumped at the chance as C is a typical boy and loves monsters but also because we have and love one of Kristina Stephenson's other books - Sir Charlie Stinky Socks!

Firstly, I love the cover. The shiny front and circle where you can see the first page, I think, is really attractive to children. C certainly liked it!

The story is about a girl named Molly Maybe and her dog Waggy. Molly has a special treehouse that takes them to a world of monsters called Undermunder. They discover the Dappity-Doofer who is in a bit of a predicament. They need to help him find and retrieve something that he's lost and we see them go on an adventure and try to solve the monster's problem.

It's a really fun book and C loves pointing all the monsters out to me. As he's getting older, he tries to recite some lines which I love. We're coming across words that he's never heard before and he's adding them to his vocabulary. It's the perfect length for his age, three, and the bright and fun illustrations really kept his attention throughout.

Molly Maybe's Monsters: The Dappity-Doofer retails at £6.29 and it is available from Amazon

(Disclaimer: We received this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Aldi's Cycling Range Launches TOMORROW - 24th Sept 2015!

The Aldi Specialbuys team are bringing back their cycling range and it's better than ever!

The range hosts a wide collection of new and improved clothing and accessories for all, whether you're a casual, commuter or serious cyclist. Also, you can find high pro-tech gear and cleaning products, to trainers and tyre sealant. Aldi have thought of everything that you'll need to go the distance this winter.

Here's a little sneak peek at some of the things you can expect to find:

Garmin Edge 500 (£79.99) 
This is a must for budding tour cyclists. You can track speed, distance, position, altitude, climb, descent and heart rate all with this lightweight, multifunctional device. It's ANT+ power meter compatible GPS gadget and it's great to get you motivated and act as a training partner.

Turbo Trainer (£49.99)
When the weather gets too much in winter, or you want to keep training in the comfort of your home, the Turbo Trainer is the perfect solution. It's compact, easy to store and features a handlebar mounted lever, adjust resistance and riser block.

Pro-Cycling Gear
Men's & Ladies Pro-Cycling Performance Jersey (£29.99)
No keen cyclist should be without a jersey and these ones from Aldi are ideal for layering and keeping warm, providing the perfect combination of high functionality and modern style. They are made with breathable Lycra and have additional features such as stand-up collars, built-in dry faster moisture zones for temperature regulation as well as PerEffect material and YKK zips.

Men's & Ladies Pro-Cycling Performance Bib Tights (£29.99)
These Performance Bib Tights are great whatever the weather. They have a coolmax gel pad for long distance seat comfort, lower leg zippers and contoured leg openings as well as boasted reflectivity zones. These tights are fab for providing comfort, style and safety on even the longest of rides.

Premium Cycling Shoes (£24.99)
These shoes are available in two different styles and the outer soles are compatible with the Shimano SPD system. They are built for both speed and performance to help you fast track your way to cycling success.

Trail Backpack (£19.99)
The Trail Backpack is available in four colours, has enough space for all of your essentials and close fitting comfort which makes it the perfect accessory for keeping your valuables close to hand.

Men's & Ladies Cycling Rain Jacket (£19.99)
Autumn is now upon us and the UK can be pretty wet but have no fear, Aldi's Cycling Rain Jacket can withstand the heaviest downpours. They have Storm Guard protection which means it's both wind and water proof, whilst also being breathable.

Men's & Ladies Merino Base Layer (£15.99)
The Merino Base Layer is ideal for any cyclist. It's warm enough to use as the only layer underneath your jersey, even when it's cold, and it's compact enough to slip in your backpack once you've warmed up. They are naturally odour-resistant, shrink resistant and are made with 100% merino wool.

Muc-Off (£3.99)
Keep your bike clean, protected and well-lubricated with Aldi's Muc-Off cleaning kit. Ideal for those wet and muddy winter rides, this four-step bicycle care programme will keep your bike in top condition, making it run smoothly and look great.

Bike Helmet Light & Micro Lights (£2.99) and Reflective Bands (£3.99)
These are must-haves for anyone cycling at night. These bright LED lights will ensure that you are seen. The reflective bands can be placed around your wrists, forearms or ankles and will make sure that you're easily spotted in all lights and weather conditions. You can Velcro the flashing or constant lights (available in yellow or silver) to your bike in seconds to be visible at all times.

Electrolyte Tablets (£2.99) and Energy Gels (£0.99)
Aldi's Electrolyte Tablets are perfect for rehydrating and replacing important electrolytes and they are great for longer rides or warm conditions. The Energy Gels are good for refueling when you need an extra boost during a tough ride. The sachets are perfect for when you're on the go as they're easy to tear open.

The full range can be seen below and they are available in Aldi stores nationwide tomorrow, while stocks last. 

Happy Cycling!

(Disclaimer: We received some samples from the Aldi Cycling Range in exchange for this post.)

How Well do you Know your Sports Grounds?

I am a huge fan of sports (watching mainly, not playing, with the exception of tennis - I love to play!). When I was a kid I'd always sit and watch tennis, snooker and, most regularly, football with my dad as he is a huge Manchester United fan. I followed in his footsteps and begged him to get me a Man Utd shirt and yes, I am a girl who knows the offside rule!

Fast-forward ten or so years and I still love watching but with my boyfriend Chris rather than my dad. He isn't the biggest of football fans and much prefers rugby so when we got together, I started watching rubgy matches too. The Rugby World Cup is now in full swing and this is my first time really getting involved and watching them all - I'm totally rooting for Ireland!

Despite watching a lot, I'm pretty rubbish when it comes to naming where sports teams play. I'm pretty good with the biggies such as Old Trafford, Anfield and Stamford Bridge but I am a bit clueless with anything else! Compost Direct have put together a really fun quiz called, "Name That Sports Ground" so I decided to give it a go and see just how terrible I am. I got zero. ZERO correct! What!?

Okay, so that was a bit huge fail! Why don't you give it a go and tell me if you can beat me? Leave your results in the comments, I'd love to see how well you all do!

(Disclaimer: This post contains a sponsored link. All words are my own.)

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Kleenbots Nappies - Review

When C was a newborn, we tried and tested lots of nappy brands on the market and eventually settled on Asda's Little Angels ones. We have never had a problem with them and decided we'd use them again when E was born. When Kleenbots were looking for reviewers, I jumped at the chance as Asda have slightly rebranded and changed and we had more leaks so we were on the lookout for a replacement. I'd never heard of the Kleenbots brand before so I was eager to give them a try.

Kleenbots are available in sizes 1-4 so I opted for size 4 as that's what E usually wears. We received one pack of 30 nappies and for a size 4, I thought that they were a little bigger than her usual ones but not so much that she'd leak. Firstly, I love the packaging. The bright purple is really lovely and the little image of a baby sleeping is exactly what you want - a nappy that your baby feels is comfortable and makes them sleep all through the night!

The design on the actual nappies are sweet too. You have the Kleenbots brand name across the top and little teddies dotted around the front and back - lovely for little ones!

When I first opened the nappies out I realised that they are very soft, both inside and out, so I had no qualms with putting it on my child's sensitive bottom. They are very stretchy and quite strong too, pulling them didn't tear any tabs off. E seemed really comfortable in them and could move and kick about as much as she wanted.

I'm pleased to report that we haven't had a single leak since using them which has really impressed me!

The nappies can be bought in bulk from the Kleenbots website from around 180-300 per box depending on size for only £31.04-41.00 (again, size dependant). Also, you can try a smaller sample of Kleenbots (3 nappies) and all you have to do it cover the cost of posting which is only £1.19 max. I think this is a fab idea as you don't have to commit to a big box right away and you can test out if they really work for you.

You can find out more at the Kleenbots website and you can also keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter.

(Disclaimer: We received a pack of Kleenbots for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Monday 21 September 2015

Look in my Letterbox #24

This week has been so busy for me post-wise. On Saturday alone I had 6 parcels from Royal Mail and 2 different couriers! As ever, I'm linking up with Alice Megan's Look in my Letterbox.


Hand sanitiser 
I won this from Talk Health on Twitter. It's only a little win but it will be great to carry in the changing bag and it came when I hadn't won anything for a while so it was nice to spur me on.

Baby Born
I won this from Zapf Creation on Twitter and I've put it away for E for Christmas.

2 bow headbands
I won this on Instagram from @babysfirst_x. If you read my 'LIML' post every week, you'll know I'm obsessed with bows! I chose the colours myself and now realise I have nothing for E that matches the green so I'll have to buy her a new outfit now, ha!

Fairy non-bio
This was a Winneroo win! I love wins like this. It's so handy and will save us a bit of money.

Hair accessories
I won £10 to spend at @rosesandbows on Instagram and I chose these. Aren't they beautiful!?

Clinique travel set
I have no idea where this is from!

Leopard bows
I won these for me for a change! They're from Sugared Accessories on Facebook.


Hello Baby Direct items
I received these bits from Hello Baby to try out. They will be great for C!

Squeaky Jumper
C got this jumper to review too- how fun!


The Nightmare Before Christmas tees
These are from the wonderful @missboosboutique on Instagram. As soon as I saw them I couldn't not buy them!

Skirt for E
@auroracoutureuk, one of my favourite Instagram shops, is closing as she's going to uni so she had a sale on leftover stock. I snapped up this skirt for E for only £5 including postage! Once I received it, I realised I had nothing for her to wear it with (its pale yellow/cream with blue hearts) so naturally, I bought her a blue decorated vest to match so expect that in next weeks post!

@leahannboutique 's Instagram market night always gets me! She posted a sneak peek of the zebra one beforehand and I knew I had to have it. She only had one available so I snooped in as fast as I could and managed to get my hands on it. So chuffed!

Little mermaid set
I had to get E this beautiful Ariel set from @darcybeautique on Instagram. I'm so in love with it!


Jake Doc Martens 
It was C's birthday today so my dad bought these for him and had them sent to my house. He loves Adventure Time so he's delighted with them!

Orchard at Tesco vouchers
I signed up for Orchard at Tesco ages ago and opted to participate in the chilled and frozen desserts study but I never received my vouchers - boo! I signed up for the fresh fish one and they actually arrived - woohoo! I love fish so they'll be handy for me.

We're so lucky that E has been chosen to be brand rep for another of my favourite Instagram boutiques - @brionys_bowtique. The lady who runs it is the loveliest lady ever and I'm so chuffed to be part of her team. These bows came as our first rep parcel!

Did you receive anything nice this week?