Sunday 31 May 2015

Me & Mine - May 2015

This month has gone by in the blink of an eye. The weather has been pretty abysmal (when isn't it horrible in N Ireland!?) and we haven't been outside half as much as I wanted to be - especially with it being May! I expected sun! I'm hoping June will bring plenty of sun and day trips so I will have some lovely family photos outdoors!

This month the kids are growing closer and closer and I love watching them growing up together and learning from each other. E loves to imitate her big brother and they wind each other up to no end but it's hilarious to watch and I know there is so much love underneath. 

Chris (daddy) has been working a lot but he has two days off a week and I know how much he loves these days as he can spend every second with me and the kids. The kids love having him home. 

I've felt like I've had a bit of cabin fever this month so I've tried to get out of the house as much as possible with both children whilst Chris is working. I don't have a double buggy or buggy board so I've either been wearing E and pushing C in the buggy (if he's tired) or pushing E in her pram and walking C. He can get tired very easily though so I definitely think I'll need to invest in a buggy board!

dear beautiful
Saturday 30 May 2015

Look in my Letterbox #8

Another Saturday, another Look in my Letterbox

Here's what I received in the post this week.


I wrote last week that I have become obsessed with baby boutiques on Instagram. I bought this beautiful headwrap from @auroracoutureuk to match E's nautical dress. I love it so much!

Another Instagram baby boutique purchase - this time, a vest from @baby_vest_boutique


Happy Socks

These are part of my Father's Day feature. They are so funky but I don't want to give too much away before my post!

Made With Love Designs card

Again, a Father's Day feature item. How cool is it!? Perfect for my Star Wars loving boyfriend!


Bloomers from @lilahs.babyboutique on Instagram

This win is just fuelling my boutique addiction. But seriously, aren't they the cutest!? 


I won these in a blog giveaway. I wanted the plain frames for a couple of prints that I have for C's room. I also love the collage one as I have no photos of E displayed around the house yet!

Dettol Laundry Cleanser
This was sent to me for sharing a post a few days ago. 

What have you received this week?

Friday 29 May 2015


Datevitation is a one-of-a-kind coupon book and it's unlike anything I've ever seen before. When you have children, date nights seem to be a thing of a past now that you have a little one to give all of your attention to. A datevitation book is the perfect gift to your loved one which will ensure that you still get some time and fun activities together (providing you have a babysitter for some, of course!). You can also get books for your parents, kids and many other occasions but I'll be focusing on the 'lovers' one.

Datevitation are based in the US but they are wanting to expand into the UK market so I was delighted to be able to get my hands on one of their books. I opted for a pre-made book (you can create your own to make it more personalised including your faces and also things like little "in jokes" that only the two of you would understand). I ordered my book on March 18th and it arrived on March 28th which I thought was fantastic for them being based so far away, I've had to wait longer to received some UK based items!

When it arrived, I loved the little "Surprise!" on the front of the envelope and the fact that it has a string and button fastener - you don't see those very often!

You can choose a book for any occasion - mine is a birthday one, for example.

You can personalise the front page with a cute little quote that suits you both. 

You can choose from lots of "pre-made" dates from fun and exciting to typical "date night" style ones and even naughty ones too! Each date has a box for you to fill in once you have done that date. 

The books start at $5 for a book of 5 dates then each additional date will cost $1.

This is such a unique and quirky gift idea and it's definitely ensured that Chris and I get a little time together doing fun stuff!

You can find out more at the Datevitation website or you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

(Disclaimer: I received a Datevitation coupon booklet for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Thursday 28 May 2015

Half-Term Entertainment with Baker Ross

I love being a Baker Ross Blogger. C loves painting, sticking, building and I love to encourage him and let his artistic side shine.

We received a wonderful little parcel a few weeks ago and C couldn't wait to get stuck in.

Inside our parcel was:

C has a new-found love for castles. When he plays with his Mega Bloks, he always builds castles so he was really excited about the Sandcastle frames. I had a little photograph of his as a baby sitting out ready to go in.

I had to peel the foam stickers off and point to where he had to stick them but he did so well!

As a typical little boy, he loves his superheroes so the masks were a big hit. Again, he only needed slight help peeling and sticking but he's worn his mask every day since we made it!

Baker Ross really did well with this parcel. Not only does C love castles and superheroes, he loves dinosaurs too! We got his paints out and let him get to work stamping on a big piece of paper. He knows all the different types (thanks to daddy teaching him!) so he was very pleased to see them all.

The mermaid stickers went down brilliantly too. Again, I had to peel the backing off for him and he was really surprised to see jellyfish and starfish too!

C wasn't really interested in doing the Sealife Ceramic Moneyboxes but that didn't stop me and Chris having fun! We used the glass pens (ok, they're ceramic but they worked just as well despite being a big strong in smell and they dry instantly too). We both got a little adventurous and I'm so jealous of how good Chris's is!

(Disclaimer: We received these items as part of our role as Baker Ross Bloggers. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Is Your Bed Making You Ill?

New research has shown that up to 10 million dust mites live and feed in just one bed! Items such as your bed linen, that come into contact with your body, are most likely to be contaminated with pathogens. After just sleeping in your bed for one night, your sheets can accumulate an array of dead skin, fungus, bacteria, mites and, believe it or not, even faeces!

Many of us love snuggling into bed after a long day but what is joining us in bed might not sit so comfortably. 

Mattresses, pillows and bedding can become reservoirs of the aforementioned fungus, bacteria and human cells and these reservoirs are the ideal conditions for dust mites. Whilst dust mites are harmless, their faeces and body fragments can cause allergic reactions which prompt our bodies to release histamines to attack the allergen. This can cause eczema and hay fever and estimates suggest that dust mites may be a factor is up to 80% of asthmatics. 

The ultimate breeding ground is the mattress but bed linen required attention too as it can be contained with pathogens which causes the cold, flu and diarrhoea.
Bedding, therefore, should be washed on a regular basis using an antibacterial laundry cleanser according to Home Hygiene Expert, Dr Lisa Ackerley. 

"Just because it looks and smells clean, doesn't mean it's hygienically clean. People have this notion that simple putting dirty items into a washing machine will kill all germs, but that's just not the case. Contagious bacteria and viruses such as Influenza and E.coli can survive low temperature washing, increasing the potential risk of infectionkr your family. For laundry washed at low temperatures, a disinfectant proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria in temperatures as low as 15°C will get it hygienically clean."

Our bed is where we spend a third of our daily routine so it is vital that we keep it hygienically clean. A few simple hygiene habits can help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, providing added protection while we sleep. 

Tips to prevent Sick Bed Syndrome:

  • Change and launder bed linen on a weekly basis and wash separately from other clothing to kill bacteria and dust mites. 
  • When washing bed linen, add a laundry disinfectant such as Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser, an additive proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Decrease the temperature and humidity levels in your bedroom to reduce the number of dust mites. 
  • Regularly vacuum all soft furnishings, including your mattress, within the bedroom. 

(Disclaimer: I received a bottle of Dettol Laundry Cleanser for sharing this infographic.)

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Aldi's Alcohol Range

When it comes to buying gifts for Father's Day, I don't think you can go wrong with a bottle of his favourite alcoholic beverage. Aldi have a fabulous range in at the moment so you're sure to make his Father's Day special.

If your dad is a wine drinker, the Kooliburra Shiraz Australian Cabernet is a dark red wine which complements steak and chips perfectly (that's the ultimate Father's Day dinner, right!?). The spicy flavours balance the sweet, red berry fruits. It is only £3.99 so it won't break the bank!

White wine more his thing? The Exquisite Collection Clare Valley Riesling is a citrus-y white with green apple, lime and grapefruit flavours which make it perfect for summer. With only a £6.99 price tag and it goes well with a Chinese takeaway!

Old Peculiar Ale at £1.24 per bottle is an iconic English ale with rich, fruity flavours. It goes well with strong cheese, hearty stew and sweet desserts. It isn't available in Scottish Aldi stores, unfortunately. 

My dad loves his whisky so the Highland Black 8 Year Old Scotch Whisky is perfect for him. It's £12.99 a bottle and he tells me it's the nicest he's tasted yet! It has beautiful notes of vanilla and citrus and the fruit and malt flavour taste lovely over ice. 

A 6 pack of Steinhauser lager is an amazing £3.99. Chris tried these out and he really enjoyed them. Since having the children, he doesn't drink as much as he used to but he finished all 6 of these 330ml bottles in one night - they were just that nice and went down beautifully. If you're having a family BBQ for Father's Day, they go well with a hot dog with plenty of mustard and onions! 

Their range of Alska fruity ciders at £1.49 per 500ml bottle are a great gift for cider lovers. They are available in Pear & Lychee, Nordic Berries, and Peach & Raspberry flavours. They are so fruity that you wouldn't even think they were alcoholic - they're just like fruit juice! They are beautiful over ice and give you an instant taste of summer. 

You can find you nearest store at Aldi's Store Locator.

(Disclaimer: We received some samples for the purpose of this post.)

Mummy & Me #3 - May

I love the Mummy & Me linky. I never ever remember to specifically take photographs for this post but I like having somewhere to collate all of my pics of just me and the kids. 

May feels like it's arrived so quickly and I honestly don't feel like we've done much? It was my niece first birthday party on Sunday and both kids enjoyed that lots. C had fun running around and playing and E liked all the attention from the family.

I mentioned last month that lots are iPhone selfies and that hasn't changed - sorry!

Showing off Peppa on the iPad!

My aim for next month is to have more photos with C. I think he's too cool to get a pic with his mummy now! 

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