Monday 30 October 2017

HEXBUG Battle Ground Tarantula

As much as I don't want to admit it, my son is no longer a baby and playing with toddler toys, he's branched out into toys that are aimed at "older kids" *sob*. He discovered HEXBUG a year or so ago and loved the little nano bugs and there his love of all things robotic began.

The HEXBUG Battle Ground Tarantula is a whole new level of robot. It is huge in comparison to the nano and not like anything he'd ever played with before.

Inside the packaging you receive one Tarantula and one remote control. The control can do four different things; move the Tarantula backwards and forwards, move it from side to side, shoot a laser and change the channel.

There are two different Tarantula's available to buy - blue and orange - we received the orange and for the best play experience, you should really own both so that they can battle each other (sold separately). You switch your Tarantula on by holding in the button on the top of it and selecting a channel on the remote, we've used channel 4 when playing alone and not battling another Tarantula.

C loves making it walk and because it has eight legs just like a real spider, the way it moves really is spider-like. You can connect two Tarantulas together via infrared technology and use the button on the top of the control to fire lasers at each other. The Tarantula's sensors pick up on the action and will recoil when hit. You need to make sure you have the Tarantula's set to two different channels when battling.

The futuristic sound effects really add to the excitement of play and C has been getting a lot of enjoyment out of it. The HEXBUG Battle Ground Tarantulas retail at £24.99 each which I think is a fair price considering the amount of technology in the toy. It is recommended for children aged 8+ but my son is 5 and can play with it perfectly fine.

(We received this item for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.) 
Sunday 29 October 2017

PJ Masks 'Time to be a Hero' DVD - out Monday 30th October!

As soon as PJ Masks was first shown on Tiny Pop, both my children quickly became obsessed with the show. If you aren't familiar with it, Connor, Greg and Amaya put their pyjamas on as day turns to night, activate their animal amulets and transform into their alter egos Catboy, Gekko and Owlette - the fantastic and unstoppable PJ Masks team!

PJ Masks has become a hit with children everywhere and I'm so excited about the first ever PJ Masks DVD - Time to be a Hero' being released on Monday 30th October!

The 72-minute long DVD contains six action-packed episodes:

Speak UP, Gekko
When Romeo starts using Gekko's voice for no good, Gekko has to get over his stage fright and get his voice back.

Catboy and Master Fang's Sword
Night Ninja has stolen Master Fang's prized sword and Catboy wants it back, but he will have to learn not to let his anger get in the way first.

Catboy vs.Robo-Cat
Catboy has to get Amaya and Greg's stolen superhero pyjamas back from Romeo so they can transform into Owlette and Gekko and help him save the day...unless he learns that you don't need superpowers to be a hero.

Owlette and the Giving Owl
Owlette's prized 'Giving Owl' statue is stolen by Luna Girl to decorate her new headquarters. If Owlette doesn't learn it's better to give than receive, Catboy and Gekko could become trapped in Luna Girl's newest HQ for good.

Catboy's Flying Fiasco
When Catboy receives a scooter as a gift from an unknown aunt, something smells fishy. But when he can use it to fly, it's too good to leave at home. Too bad that it's really a "gift" from...Luna Girl!

Owlette and the Flash Flip Trip
Using his newest machine, Romeo erases all the stories from books and replaces them with pictures of himself. Rather than relying on her own skills, Owlette plans to use the moves of her favourite comic character, Flossy Flash, to save the day.

C and E were so excited and I think we watched the DVD three times in as many days. It's a show that I, as a parent, love myself as although the children transforming into superheroes is far fetched when it comes to real life, they do solve problems that children may really have, such as not getting angry in 'Catboy and Master Fang's Sword' - I know my son C could benefit from learning about that! The addition of PJ Masks stickers in the DVD case was a massive plus for my kids. They love stickers so it was a lovely touch.

PJ Masks 'Time to be a Hero' is available on digital download and DVD from Monday 30th October at a price of £9.99. You can order your copy from Amazon.

(We received this DVD for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.) 
Saturday 28 October 2017

Zoomer Show Pony - Review

My children watch a bit of kids TV early in the morning when eating breakfast. This means that, because of this time of year, we see a lot of toy advertisments in the run up to Christmas. For every single toy they see, I'll hear an echo of "I want it! I want it!" and I'm sure I'm not the only parent who is experiencing this right now. 

One of the toys that my children were adamant that they wanted was the Zoomer Show Pony. I imagine that it will be on a lot of children's Christmas lists this year but with a current retail price of around £60, you want to make sure that it's worth it before you spend your money. We have been having a little play with the Zoomer Show Pony and I definitely say that it is worth the price tag.

Inside the box, you receive:
  • Interactive Pony
  • Hairbrush
  • Sugar cube
  • Carrot
  • Apple
  • Instruction manual
  • Cheat sheet
Pony Mode
The Zoomer Pony will be automatically in pony mode as soon as it is switched on. If you pet the pony's cheek, it will turn its head to the side that you are petting and if you continue to pet it, the LED lights in its eyes will show a heart shape. Petting its nose causes the pony to move its head from side to side and nudge forward. If you pet both cheeks together it will neigh "I love you". 

You can also interact using the apple accessory. If you hold the apple to the pony's mouth, it will eat and you'll see the LED eyes change from hungry to full. This is something the C and E always want to do, I think they are so worried that their poor pony is going to starve! You can always check hunger level at any point by feeding it and it does come with a sheet of all the different eye meanings.

Grooming Mode 
Grooming mode can be entered into by either petting both cheeks for a few seconds or using the hairbrush accessory, you do need to brush right from the very top of the mane for the pony to recognise the hairbrush. This is E's favourite thing to do with the pony. I've written numerous times about how much she loves brushing hair and doing hairstyles so it came as no surprise to me.

Sugar Cube Play 
Feeding the pony a sugar cube makes it happy. If you do it three times in a row in quick succession, it performs a sugardance. If you do six times, it goes hyper and wheels around everywhere just generally going mad. This modes makes the children laugh to no end and they love having a little boogie with her as she's doing her sugardance.

By pressing the heart on the chest of the pony, it will stop what it's doing. If you press again it will perform a trick at random. This can either be:
  • Dance (five different ones are available and the more you play with your pony, the more it will unlock)
  • Sing
  • Figure 8
  • Prance and wiggle
  • Backwards trot
  • Spin right
  • Spin left
  • Do it's Showtime Routine
C gets so excited watching his pony do a trick and when we unlocked a new dance for the first time, he shouted "Look at her go! That's my girl!" It was adorable.

Training Mode 
You can enter training mode by holding the carrot accessory to your pony's mouth. From there you can teach it to spin right or left. When you've done that enough times, you can teach it to count to five by touching its cheek, it will repeat the same number by pumping its hoof. You can also teach music, prance wiggle and backwards trot tricks. If you wave your hand in front of the pony's chest, it will follow it and clip clop along.

Showtime Mode 
Holding the carrot to the pony's mouth for around 3 seconds enters showtime mode. In this mode you can teach it a combination of moves and it will perform them. It can remember up to five moves and each input such as petting a cheek or nose a certain way is a different move.

We have owned the Zoomer Pony for two weeks now and we are still currently sussing out training and showtime mode as there is just so much that the pony can do. The children love that as it's interactive, it's responding to what they are telling it to do. It acknowledges every input and accessory and we have had no problems thus far. I honestly don't think I'd change a thing!

C and E have totally fallen in love and I know it will get played with a lot over the years. The Zoomer Pony is recommended for children aged 5+ and requires 4 AA batteries which aren't included so if you're purchasing for Christmas, be sure to have some in!

You can purchase the Zoomer Show Pony from all good retailers. It has an RRP of £84.99 but, at the time of publication, can be found at Smyths Toys for £59.99.

(We received this toy for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.) 
Friday 27 October 2017

Shnooks; from Bubble to Friend - Review

[This post contains affiliate links. If you click through to buy anything through a link on this page, I will earn a few pennies at no extra cost to you.]

If you haven't heard of Shnooks before, they are adorable, cuddly, colourful little characters with fluffy hair. My three year old daughter E is obsessed with doing hair whether it's her own, mine, her dolls - she loves having a hairbrush in her hand!

Shnooks are available in six different characters; Shazam, Sheebah, Shweetly, Shine, Shnuggles and Shmiley. Each character has it's own special way to look after you. We received Shazam and Shmiley to have a play with. Shazam goes on adventures with you and Shmiley brings happiness that you can't hide. 

The Shnooks come vacuum packed into a "bubble" and the idea is to open the pack and shake the Shnooks, making their hair expand to up to 8 times its size. The shaking was definitely E's favourite bit and she got a little aggressive when doing so! 

Once your Shnook is fully grown, you can style it's hair using the comb and hair ties provided. E was totally in her element but as she's only three, she did need a bit of help from me to actually put the hair ties in the hair. We did have a little bit of hair loss due to how heavy handed E was with her comb but it isn't enough to be noticeable when you look at the toy.

E loved watching this tiny toy transform into a proper cuddly toy right before her eyes. They even come with two friendship clips so you can connect your Shnooks together! E has totally fallen in love and has been even taking her new friends to cuddle in bed with her as she sleeps. 

The Shnooks retail at £7.99 per toy and you can buy them here. You can find out more about the range at the Zuru website.

(We received these toys for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)
Wednesday 25 October 2017

Healthy Snacking with Ape Snacks

I love food but I mostly love food that isn't the healthiest. I'm a bit of a grazer but again, I don't graze on the healthy stuff! We received some Ape Snacks to try in the hope of helping us reach for something a bit better for us.

Ape Snacks are snacking range which are simply bite-sized pieces of coconut that are full of flavour and texture, bringing excitement to snacking. They are the UK's leading coconut snack and are suitable for

We received some of the range to try; The Crispy Coconut Curls in Pepper & Spice, Lightly Salted and Salted Chocolate and Crunchy Coconut Bites in Natural, Sesame Seed and Chia Seed.

Firstly, how lovely is the packaging? I love that the Ape logo looks like a monkey - super cute! If you aren't a fan of coconut, these aren't for you. The coconutty taste is very strong in them, even though they are flavoured. Luckily, I'm the type of person who would always choose a Bounty first out of a box of Celebrations - I love coconut! The texture of both were like nothing I'd ever tried before but not in a bad way. They are quite enjoyable to eat. The Salted Chocolate curls had to be my favourite though, anything with a hint of chocolate and I am there!

All snacks are gluten free, sugar free, high in fibre and have the added health benefits of coconut's anti-microbial and anti-viral properties making them the perfect guilt free snack.

Ape Snacks are available in over 4,000 stores nationwide such as Boots, Ocado, Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Amazon and Holland & Barrett. The Crispy Curls retail around £0.89-1.19 per 20g bag and the Crunchy Bites are between £1.49-1.68 per 30g standing pouch. 

(We received these snacks for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Tuesday 24 October 2017

Bigjigs Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set - Review & Giveaway #PlayPatrol

We have absolutely loved being a part of the Bigjigs Play Patrol over the past few months and we've enjoyed testing out a variety of different sets from the Bigjigs rail range. Most of what we've reviewed were stereotypically "boys themes", E loves train sets and had as much fun as C, but there's no denying that she can be a typical girly girl who loves all things pink too.

The Bigjigs Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set was perfect for her. She was so excited to have a train set just for her and instantly fell in love before I'd even opened the box because she spotted her favourite pink and purple colours.

The set contains 40 pieces:
  • 17 pieces of track
  • 2 ramps
  • 3 train pieces
  • 2 signs
  • 8 trees
  • 2 toadstools
  • 3 fairies
  • 3 houses

Figure of eight sets are always my favourite to put together because they are so simple - there really is no way you can get it wrong. It took about five minutes to set it all up and E was raring to go. As well as pushing the train around the track, E enjoyed making the fairies interact with each other, play at their houses and go for rides on the train. As long as you have your imagination, you can do anything.

In typical Bigjigs fashion, the wooden train track and ramps are left plain but sanded down which just makes it look gorgeous and good for little hands to hold (no risk of splinters!). All of the other pieces are painted beautifully with tons of detail included from little hedges on the houses and apples on the trees. You can also purchase addional track and accessories to expand the set.

I think it's beautiful toy for any child who loves fairytales and train sets. The Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set retails at £25.99 and is available from the Bigjigs website. You can also keep up to date with all things Bigjigs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Want to win a Bigjigs Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set for your little one for Christmas? Just enter via the Gleam widget below. Don't forget to read the terms and conditions before entering. Good luck!

  • The giveaway will run from 24th October to November 12th
  • One winner will win one Bigjigs Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set
  • Open to entrants aged 18+
  • UK residents only 
  • One entry per person
  • No automated entries
Bigjigs Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set

(We received this item for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)  
Friday 20 October 2017

A Bing Bunny themed Halloween Pumpkin!

CBeebies was on my TV every single day when my son was little and I actually remember him watching the first ever episode of Bing being broadcast just before he turned two. He instantly fell in love and when his sister was born a few months later, she was basically introduced to the show right away.

Fast forward three years, my children are five and three and even now my eldest will ask, "Mummy, can we watch Bing on BBC iPlayer?" It's one of those shows that they never get sick of. With Halloween around the corner we decided to give carving a pumpkin a go. I have never carved a pumpkin in my life but I was willing to give it a try as I knew C and E would love getting their hands dirty and who better to carve than Bing himself? I liked the idea of doing a familar character for them rather than a traditional scary one.

As I'm such a beginner, I watched Bing's 'How To' Pumpkin Tutorial and it seemed easy enough even for me. I started off by printing a Bing pumpkin template and taping it to the front of our pumpkin. I then followed black outlines of Bing's face, eyes and mouth and pushed a pin along so that when I removed the template sheet, I had a dot-to-dot image of Bing's face. 

Now for the fun bit! We scooped out all of the insides and cleaned it out, then I did the tricky bit of doing the actual carving and making holes at the mouth and sides of the eyes. I honestly couldn't believe how easy it was! The template was a massive help and it's hard to go wrong when you use it.

If you want to give carving a Bing pumpkin a go, check out the Bing website for inspiration and you can view some other cool Bing pumpkins on the Bing Facebook page!

(This is a sponsored post.) 

Thursday 19 October 2017

Men's Occasionwear with Dobell

My partner Chris has a thing for suits. He doesn't wear one for his job but whenever we are out shopping and he spots one out of the corner of his eye, he'll be straight over checking it out. I often joke that it's the male equivalent of a girl seeing a nice bag or a gorgeous pair of shoes.

Dobell are home to stylish, affordable and great quality menswear and they pride themselves on three things; their products, value and service. They supply everything from men's suits and tailored fit wedding suits to complementary accessories. Chris was offered a suit from Dobell and was, naturally, excited to choose.

He opted for the Blue Check Slim Fit Suit which did surprise me as he isn't usually the type to wear slim fit. I also was eager to see how he would cope with getting a suit online as usually he likes to try a suit on in store before purchasing it. Dobell have an online size guide so you can be sure that you are choosing the right size.

I cannot fault Dobell's packaging at all. It arrived packed in a sturdy box which meant that the suit itself was not damaged in transit. I definitely think that it added a bit of a luxury feel. It was ready to wear straight from the box with no creases or a need to iron.

The fit was perfect, Chris instantly felt comfortable wearing it (which is a massive plus as he's usually quite fussy and can always find something that he doesn't quite like). I'm not usually fan of anything other than plain or pinstriped suits but this suit totally won me over. The check design is lovely and really goes well with the shade of blue.

The detailing is fantastic and it has everything that you'd want in a suit; including belt loops and pockets on both the inside and outside of the jacket as well as on the trousers. I especially loved the little Dobell label that was embroidered on the inside of the jacket.

Now that Chris has experienced suit buying online rather than instore, I definitely think that he's been converted and it's not as daunting as it may seem. It's so easy to order the correct size but even if you do need a change made, you can get an exchange within 28 days of purchase.

The Blue Check Slim Fit Suit retails at £109.99 for the jacket and trouser set and you can view the entire range at the Dobell website. You can also keep up to date on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

(We received this item for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)
Tuesday 17 October 2017

Win a copy of 'Milkshake! Brand New Besties' on DVD

My children love watching Milkshake! on Channel 5 every morning before school, it's become a routine. I actually remember watching it myself and my mum sending a birthday card in for me way back 20-odd years ago! Both C and E have taken a shine to all the shows and characters so I'm really excited that Abbey Home Media are releasing a brand new, over two hour long, DVD collection of Milkshake! favourites on Monday 23rd October.

Whether it's keeping a secret, learning to compromise, solving a problem, searching for clues or planning the best sleepover ever, our heroes put their friends firmly first!

This special compilation of the very best pre-school shows from long-running Channel 5 pre-school brand Milkshake! features some of their best-loved characters including PAW Patrol, Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom, Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam, Poppy Cat, Noddy, Toyland Detective and Bob the Builder.

In this new collection, you will find:

PAW Patrol in 'Pups Save the Paw Patroller'
Mayor Humdinger has swiped the Paw Patroller! The pups need to get it back and save that meddling mayor too.

Digby Dragon in 'Disappearing Spell'
Digby's friend Sprite comes to visit and Fizzy casts a disappearing spell on her. When Grizel and Mungo take Spellbook it seems impossible to magic Sprite back again.

Bob the Builder in 'Where's Pilchard?'
When Muck has to shoo Pilchard out of his way, she suddenly vanishes. Leo and his machines run around trying to find her before Bob realises she's disappeared.

Peppa Pig in 'Playing Pretend'
When Peppa's bike gets a flat tyre and needs fixing, Peppa and her friends have fun riding their imaginary bikes and jumping in muddy puddles.

Shimmer and Shine in 'Flying Flour'
The girls bake magical flying cookies, but Zeta and Nazboo sneak in to steal the flying flour.

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom in 'Lucy's Elf & Fairy Party'
Lucy celebrates her birthday with an Elf and Fairy party. Lucy's dad does a magic show but things get a bit out of hand when Princess Holly and her friends join in...

Fireman Sam in 'Best Sleepover Ever'
Norman, Mandy, Sarah and James are having a sleepover at Mandy's house. Norman is determined that it will be the best sleepover ever.

Simon in 'The Secret'
It's Gaspard's birthday and Simon has found out where Mummy has hidden his brother's present. But Simon has sworn he'll keep it a secret!

Poppy Cat in 'Underwater Picnic'
When Zuzu and Alma both arrive with plans for the group, Poppy teaches them the art of compromise. They set off in the submarine for Seaweed Sea to look for the speedy turtle and have an underwater picnic.

Floogals in 'Project Caterpillar'
Boomer has become very fond of the 3 stripy caterpillars that the kids are keeping in the shed. When one vanishes, the Floogals stake out the container they are in to see if they can solve the mystery.

Olly the Little White Van in 'Bad Luck Olly'
Olly is going through a run of terrible luck. The more he tries to help people, the more things go wrong. Help comes from the most unlikely place as Bazza helps him relax and do what comes naturally - helping!

Puffin Rock in 'Mossy Impossible
Oona is in danger. She's tangled up in fishing twine near Seagull Cliff and the seagulls will be back soon! Mossy and Bernie try to free her, but they need help from Mama and Papa Puffin.

Noddy, Toyland Detective in 'Broken Crystal Memory'
Noddy needs to find out who broke the Crystal Memory Game before the start of the Daredale Challenge Obstacle Race!

Thomas & Friends in 'Toby's New Friend'
Philip spots Toby and assumes that he is a diesel boxcab just like him. Convinced that they will become best friends, Philip rushes up and introduces himself, but Toby finds him rather overwhelming.

Milkshake! Brand New Besties will be available to buy from all good DVD stockists from Monday 23rd October. Want to win a copy for your little one? Just enter via the Gleam widget below. Good luck!

  • The giveaway will run from October 17th until October 31st
  • One winner will win one copy of  'Milkshake! Brand New Besties' on DVD
  • Open to entrants aged 18+
  • UK residents only 
  • One entry per person
  • No automated entries
Milkshake! Brand New Besties DVD

Sunday 15 October 2017

My First Scalextric - Review & Giveaway

Scalextric is one of those ranges of toys that I'm sure that everyone is familiar with. They have been around since the 1950s and my partner Chris actually had some of the Scalextric car range when he was younger.

Scalextric have recently brought out a My First Scalextric set as a great way to introduce younger children from 3 years old to the world of Scalextric. My children are three and five and have never owned any Scalextric before so I was really excited to see their reactions to it.

When it comes to children's toys that actually do something, I always have a mini panic about batteries. Luckily, My First Scalextric is all mains operated which is a massive plus in my book. 

The track itself is so easy to click together. It's in a standard figure of eight shape and made of plastic with their Magnatraction technology in the middle to help keep the cars on the track. Each car has a braid underneath that magnetically attracts to this. Once you have the track built, there are three things to connect into the power box; the mains plug, a red controller and a yellow controller.

The red and yellow controllers are colour coordinated to the cars that the set is supplied with and they also match the chevrons on the circuit. Both kids luckily didn't fight over which colour car they wanted - E was happy with yellow and C opted for red. They were raring to go!

Each controller only has one button which makes it perfect for younger children as they don't have to remember what loads of different buttons do to their car. How fast your car goes depends on how tight you squeeze the button. 

The kids really loved placing their cars at the starting line and having me count down from three then racing to see who won. The My First Scalextric set has a range of benefits with hand eye coordination being a great one. They have to keep an eye on their car, especially when going around the corner, and drop their speed so that the car doesn't come flying off the track. Having to remember when to speed up and go a bit slower really helps with risk-reward thinking - if they suss that out, they are more likely to win!

My children, like most others, are prone to the odd Playstation game or YouTube video on the tablet. I love that this set got my children excited to be away from that world and had them playing nicely together for quite a long time. They both got very competitive and it was an absolute joy to watch. I think their favourite thing was seeing how fast their cars could go and I won't lie, I may have been stealing a few goes on them too as it's just so good! They have been having so much fun with their My First Scalextric set.

The set retails at £39.99 and is available to buy from the Scalextric website. You can also keep up to date on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Want to win a My First Scalextric for your little one in time for Christmas? I'm giving a set away on my Twitter page. You can enter via the embedded tweet below or visiting my Twitter account where the tweet is pinned to the top. Don't forget to read the terms and conditions below.

  • Open to UK participants only
  • 1 (one) winner will receive 1 (one) My First Scalextric
  • The prize will be delivered to the winner upon receipt of their email contact details
  • The Editor's decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.
  • There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner.
  • Giveaway will run from October 16th until 23:59 on October 29th 
(We received a My First Scalextric for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.) 
Friday 13 October 2017

More-2-Explore Adventure Belt - Review

If you are a parent to a toddler, you'll know that they can sometimes be a bit of a flight risk. In saying that, my eldest child C (now 5) was, and still is, a little clingy and fearful so would always hold my hand tightly when we went out walking. His little sister, on the other hand, has no fear of anything and does a mad dash any time Chris or myself happen to let go of her hand for even a millisecond. 

We have tried the usual techniques of hand holding, a wrist strap or harness but none have really felt 100% comfortable - until we tried the More-2-Explore Adventure Belt
Wrist straps and harnesses required the parent to keep a hold of one end, either in their hand or round their wrist. As I have two children, going to the shop with them both by myself could be a bit stressful. I'd be holding C's hand then have a hold of E's harness with my other hand, all the while trying to choose what to buy, carry a basket and try to keep E on the right side so that I don't get tangled in harness! 
I didn't realise that a solution to that problem even existed until I was offered the chance to review a More-2-Explore Adventure Belt. These are actual belts that go around the parents waist and child's waist, with a strap connecting them, meaning that you are completely hands free to do what you need whilst also ensuring that your child is kept safe and close by. 

The belt comes in a range of different colours and patterns and E was so happy with her Panda belt. I'm not the thinnest of people but the adult belt fits a waist of 75-100cm so it was comfortable for me to wear. The child's pouch is recommended for children aged 2-5 but can be used up until the age of 8.

E loved the feeling of independence that the Adventure Belt gave her. Although she was still attached to me, walking without holding my hand and being able to walk freely made her feel a bit grown up. The elasticated bungee between the adult belt and child's pouch can be adjusted from 40-80cm and it can be removed completely, leaving the child just wearing the pouch when out of dangerous areas. Everything is attached using buckles so there's no risk of a child being able to undo them themselves.

I've been calling the child's part a pouch rather than a belt because that's exactly what it is! E is able to carry small toys inside the 10.5x10cm pouch which is a bonus for her. She is always wanting to bring a toy everywhere. I've loved being able to go shopping easily and carry my bags home with ease.

The More-2-Explore Adventure Belt retails at £14.99 and is available to buy from the More-2-Explore website. You can also keep up to date on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

(We received the Adventure Belt for this purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)