Saturday 28 September 2013

Dribblies Bib Review

I am a bib fiend. I have so many different types (Chris tells me that we need to get rid of most of them!) so when Dribblies contacted me asking if I'd like to review one of their bibs, I jumped at the chance. 

Dribblies specialise in baby products that are created with health & safety, convenience and affordability in mind. 

They currently sell Catch-All Spills Roll Bibs in four different colours; blueberry blue, apple green, mellow yellow and hot pink. I was able to select my own colour and opted for apple green - my favourite colour! 

The bib fits really comfortably around his neck and has a fab lip to safely catch any food that your child may drop. 

It's really easy to fasten with a simple pop of a button. C, however, was able to take the bib off himself two occasions. 

The bib itself is plastic so it is very easily wiped clean. There is a fabric rim around the neck so it doesn't irritate your child's skin which I think is an absolutely brilliant idea! It even wipes clean too. 

I would definitely recommend this bib to any weaning mummies and daddies and for a fantastic price of £3.50, you really can't go wrong. I would maybe like to are a few more colours available or maybe designs. 

You can find Dribblies at their website, Facebook and Twitter

(Disclaimer: I received this item for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Friday 27 September 2013

When is the Right Time to Have Another Baby?

C is one year old (in case you didn't know - I've only been shouting it from the rooftops lately!) and I know that some people would think that I am absolutely crazy to even THINK about having another one especially with what we ended up going through the first time round. Except I can't shake the feeling. I want another baby. I know I'm not done. 

Chris never wanted kids until we had properly settled into a family home and were in a stable place financially but things don't always work out that way. I fell pregnant with C and we were overjoyed. We'd make it work. 

A year on, the feelings are coming back. I know that now isn't the right time for us. Our lease is up in July and we're looking to move into a bigger home. C is in our room with us and he desperately needs his own space. If I were to fall pregnant now, it would be too hard to buy everything needed for a new baby and save up for a bigger and better house PLUS my due date would be around the time of moving and I would not want to be in that situation. 

Everywhere I look though, people are getting pregnant. Celebrities, people are posting on Facebook and I read parenting blogs so I see numerous bump updates too and it is quite upsetting. I will admit that I have cried over it. How do I get rid of these feelings? Will they go away over time?

I have a younger sister. There are 10 years between us so we're not what you'd call 'close' and don't have very much in common. I know that I don't want a huge age ago between my kids but Chris had originally said that he'd like to wait until C is in school before we tried for another but in my eyes, that's more of  a gap than I wanted. However, we have chatted and I talked him to when C is 3 years old and starting nursery then further chats led to "we'll reassess the baby situation when we're in the new house". I am well aware that he's probably saying this to shut me up but we'll see!

Have you ever felt this way? How did you get rid of the feelings?
Thursday 26 September 2013

Neviti 'Ahoy There' Party Decor Review

Planning birthday parties can be pretty stressful with the amount that you need to buy and making sure that all the party decorations match can be an expensive job.

Neviti very kindly sent us some supplies for C's first birthday party. They sell a wide range of partyware for any occasion, Halloween, birthdays, Christmas and many more in between. I was able to choose which range I wanted so I opted for Ahoy There. I love a good nautical theme!

We received:
  • 2 x packs of 8 1st Birthday Plates (RRP £2.99 each)
  • pack of 20 Paper Napkins (RRP £2.99 each)
  • 3 x packs of 8 1st Birthday Cups (RRP £2.99 each)
  • 1 1st Birthday Bunting (RRP £7.99)
  • 4 x packs of 5 Party Bags (RRP £3.99 each)
  • 1 pack of 100 Cake Cases (RRP £3.99)
  • 3 x packs of 8 1st Birthday Balloons (RRP £2.99 each)
  • 1 Cake Stand (RRP £7.50)

I was really surprised and very pleasantly so at the amount that we received. It was definitely enough to throw a fabulous party.

The plates are really thick and good quality - especially for such a great price! Each plate is 23cm in diameter and we had no problem whatsoever with grease from hot food seeping through onto the bottom and then onto peoples hands!

The napkins are great! They're 3-ply which makes them really durable and able to mop up any spills without a problem. The design is different compared to the rest of the range but that just makes them stand out more.

The cups, again, are really thick and durable. We had no leaks through the bottom even after the juice had been in the cup for quite a while. Each one holds 8oz of liquid which is a perfect amount for people walking around and chatting at a party.

The bunting (top right corner) is thick and durable just as the rest of the range. Throughout the duration of the party, it didn't fall down or snap. It is 2.5 metres long.

The party bags are my favourite. They are very pirate-y and the paper/plastic blend is so much more long lasting that traditional plastic party bags! They are 230mm high and 120mm wide. I thought that they were quite roomy and able to hold the treats comfortably.

The cupcake cases are really cute and come in two designs - red anchor and blue boat. 100 cases were a bit too much for us but I've kept them to use the next time we bake! They really spruced up our cupcakes (we had pirate ones!)

The cake stand is fantastic. Again, thick cardboard and so easy to put together in two simple steps. The stand is 275mm high and 250mm high. We were able to fit 24 cupcakes on comfortably.

The balloons were a real hit and the kids loved playing with them. The motif in the middle was a lot bigger than I'd expected. They are a great addition to the party range and really set the party off.

There are more items in the range such a invitations, thank you cards, snack boxes and more. Neviti really took a lot of the stress out of planning a party by having such a great range of items.

For any subsequent parties that I may host, I will definitely use their services again!

You can find Neviti at their website, Facebook and Twitter. Pop over and Like or Follow them!

(Disclaimer: We received this range of party products for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Ella's Kitchen My Little Big Meals Review

C was always a fantastic eater...until he started becoming more independent. He will only eat with his hands and will not accept being spoon fed.

With C just turning one, we were sent some Ella's Kitchen Little Big Meals for him to try out.

We received Beefy Beef Stew and Creamy Coconutty Chicken Curry both of which sound delicious! 

First up was the beef stew. To me, it tasted a bit peppery. It smelled and looked amazing though. 

You can really tell that it's packed with vegetables (7 to be exact) and there's a lot more substance to it compared to meals for younger babies. 

C surprised me and actually accepted being fed from the spoon. He ate most of the dish. The portions sizes are great and really seemed to fill him up. 

The chicken curry had a real fragrant coconut scent and taste. I would have happily eaten it myself. 

C preferred this one and gobbled up the entire bowlful! 

I love the childlike packaging, I find it really appealing. I also like how the amount of veggies in each and the fact that they are organic are stated on the front. Both of these dishes can be eaten at room temperature but I preferred to heat them slightly in the microwave. 

The ingredients lists on the back are my favourite ever. It states clearly what is in each dish with no long words or any hidden baddies! 

They also come in other varieties such as:
  • Veggie moussaka
  • Pork stew
  • Chicken Paella
  • Bolognese bake
They retail at £2.19 each and you can buy them in stores right now!

(Disclaimer: We received these meals free of charge in exchange for an open and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Monday 23 September 2013


When I started writing my blog there was no doubt in my mind that I would do it openly, my friends and family would know about it because, why not? I'm writing about C's life so why not include them and let them see?

The past few days, I've been having a tough time. Personal things. I've been bombarding Chris with it all and I'm so worried that he'll get annoyed with me because I keep going on and on or I'll push him away. 

I thought about writing my feelings here. But who would read it? People who know me personally. It made me think that in times like this, I do wish I was an anonymous blogger. 

It's not that I don't want my friends and family to know, but I'm not an attention seeker. I don't throw my problems to anyone and everyone and expect them to listen. 

I don't really know why I've written this post if I'm honest. I suppose the venting has helped me! I don't think I will write a subsequent post being open. I guess I'm too afraid. 

Saturday 21 September 2013

Happy First Birthday, C!

Dear C,

Happy Birthday! Your first ever one! Mummy and daddy have spoiled you lots but you totally and utterly deserve it. 

Ever since you came into the world (before mummy and daddy expected you to!) we have loved you very much. You have completely changed our lives and we love every minute of it. 

We thought that you might have a few developmental problems but you've proved us all wrong. Since day 1, you have been coming on leaps and bounds and we love seeing you change before our eyes every single day. 

You can do so much now! You're walking (okay, a little wobbly, but you're doing it!), you can say the two most important words - mum and dad, you're crawling, waving, dancing and eating big boy food and you always have a smile on your face. 

We're so proud of you and of how far you've come. We're completely blessed to have you in our lives. 

Now, enough of the soppy talk, let's go have a party and eat lots of cake! 

Happy First Birthday, Buddy! 
Lots of love, hugs & kisses 
from Mummy & Daddy

Friday 20 September 2013

What Do You Buy a 1 Year Old for their Birthday?

When I first started planning C's birthday, presents came first but I had no idea what to get! I took to Twitter and asked some other bloggers what they thought. I got a few responses but as the months went by, I saw that some other people had posed the same question; what do you buy a one year old for their birthday? 

C's birthday is tomorrow and I obviously have all his presents purchased and wrapped so I thought it would be a good idea to share what we bought for him as it might help other parents who are at a loss of what to buy. 

1) LeapFrog ABC Spinamals 
I picked this up last minute as I panicked that I hadn't bought enough! You push the button the middle, the wheel spins and a whichever letter it lands on, it teaches you an animal.

2) Vtech Sing Along Microphone
This was another last minute purchase. Chris picked it and I went with it as C loves lights and sounds. I'm sure he'll get enjoyment out of it.

3) Fisher Price Little People Play n' Float Boat
Yet another last minute buy. C doesn't have many bath toys so I knew that I needed to get him some. This seems great as he can get so much use out of it.

4) Vtech Toot Toot Drivers Police Car
I chose this as a small gift to fill out his presents. I know he'll enjoy pushing it around the ground.

5) DVDs
I enter a lot of online competitions and I was lucky enough to win these DVDs over the past few months so I decided to put them away until his birthday.

6) Fisher Price Lil' Snoopy
How cute is he!? I just couldn't resist. C will look adorable pulling his little dog around behind him!

7) Little Tikes Shape Sorter

Please excuse the battered box, it got a bit damaged upstairs! I wanted something like this to teach him about shapes. Really glad I purchased this one.

8) Dumbo teddy
C LOVES Dumbo. He has too much Dumbo clothes and has a smaller Dumbo teddy which he carries everywhere. I saw this in the Disney Store and just had to buy it for him.

9) Fisher Price Laugh n Learn Puppy
This was another competition win. I took so much strength not to give him it straight away but I know he'll love it :)

10) Mega Bloks First Builders
I loved Lego as a child and I wanted to get C something similar. Obviously, he is too small for Lego but this will make a great substitute and will start him off nicely!

11) Elmer Wooden Puzzle
I love puzzles and love wooden toys. I wanted to buy C one with knobs on to teach him then we'll progress when he has mastered it. I love how it is Elmer - my dad used to read Elmer books to me when I was younger!

12) Bowling Set
This one was Chris's idea. This set is aimed at children 3+ but apparently Chris wants to teach him. In the almost 4 years we have been together, I've seen Chris bowl once....go figure!

13) Smartrike
This one was a must. There was no doubt in my mind, I was getting him a Smartrike and only a Smartrike would do. How amazing are they?!

14) Little Tikes Rocking Horse
We saw these on the shop floor of Smyths and let C have a ride on it. He seemed to enjoy it so I purchased it knowing that he'd be happy to have one at home!

I do hope this has helped some people fretting over what to buy. 

Is there anything on your list that I haven't mentioned?
What would you suggest?

Thursday 19 September 2013

Nappykind Baby Leg Warmers Review

I love finding new outfit pieces and dressing C up. I've already had him in baby leggings and boy tights so next on my list were leg warmers! 

As you can tell, I'm not afraid to dress him in whatever I like and am a huge fan of bright colours and bold prints. I do like him to stand out. 

I chose a pair of Dinosaur leg warmers for C. I love dinosaurs and recently bought him dinosaur shoes too! 

The first thing I noticed was how thick the leg warmers were. They are the perfect thickness and will do what they are intended for - keep his legs warm! 

I admit that I was a bit worried about elasticity but they haven't fallen down at all. He seems really comfortable in them and is able to crawl about and walk with ease. 

C can be a bit of a menace when it comes to nappy changing time (mostly when getting his trousers back on) but with these leg warmers, it's so simple. They don't even need to be removed!

As well as having C wear them on their own, I also put them under his jeans. This worked great as C sometimes has a whinge when he's bored and wants out of his pram for a bit. When we carry him, his jeans ride up and expose his legs to the open air. The leg warmers assured me that he would be kept very toasty! 

C being carried by daddy (& pushing the button to cross the road! Notice the leg warmers peeking out)

I would definitely recommend these and am already trying to decide on which design to buy next! 

These leg warmers can be purchased at a fab sale price of £5.99 but there are many other designs available.

Nappykind also sell leggings, rompers, leather shoes and lots of other items.
You can find Nappykind on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

(Disclaimer: I received a 20% discount code in order to purchase these leg warmers and write an open and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own).

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Personalised Door Plaque Review

Treat Republic are a fabulous company specialising in hand picked and personalised gifts. Perfect for fuelling my personalised item obsession! 

Treat Republic very kindly sent us one of their Personalised Lion Engraved Door Hangers to review. 

The first thing that I noticed was how lightweight the door plaque was as it is made from pine. There is no risk of it falling down due to weight or banging against your door as you open and close it to check on your child. It is threaded with rustic woven cord and so is very sturdy. It has a lovely new wooden smell too (I can't be the only one who likes that!?)

The lettering appears to be burned into the pine which gives it a much better and cleaner appearance than if it were hand engraved. We love the little lion picture and the font it very fun!

I would definitely recommend these to other mums and would make a great gift for a child or newborn baby. 

This door hanger measures 18cm x 10cm x 1.5cm and is priced at £14.99. 

You can find more about Treat Republic on their website, Facebook and Twitter

(Disclaimer: We received this producw free of charge in exchange for an open and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Monday 16 September 2013

itsyourstory Personalised Water Bottle Review

If you're a regular reader, you'll know that I have an obsession with personalised items. 

You may remember that I reviewed a story book from itsyourstory at Father's Day, you can read that here. Now, they have sent us a rather fabulous personalised water bottle!

How adorable is this!? Being a nerdy family, we had to choose the Superhero bottle but they're also available in:
  • Explorer
  • Pirate
  • Cheeky Monkey
  • Pop Star
  • Fire Fighter
  • Little Monster
  • Flamenco Dancer
  • Footballer
  • Nurse
  • Rock Star
  • Cow boy/girl
  • Princess
  • Farmer
  • Knight
You're bound to find something that your child will like!

We received a white bottle but you can also choose silver if you wish. All you need to do is supply your childs name and a front facing photograph. I'm so pleased with mine!

It comes with a plastic flip top lid AND a screw top lid with fob attachment so it's easy to carry around. I've been clipping it to the side of the pram.

Although C is only 12 months old, he is able to drink from it (with my help holding it though)! It's such great quality (made from hard-wearing aluminium) and is scratch and chip resistant so I know it will last him a very long time so he'll probably end up bringing it to school!  I have found that the aluminium will keep drinks cold for a good amount of time.

These would make a great personalised and unique gift for a child of any age. 

At a price of £14.00 for a 500ml bottle, I would definitely recommend these. You're also assured that your child won't be accidentally lifting someone else's drinks bottle.

itsyourstory also sell matching mugs! Awesome! Might have to get my partner one!

(Disclaimer: This bottle was supplied to us for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions and my own and I will always be open and honest.)

Thursday 12 September 2013

OXO Tot Twist Bottle Review

Our house is packed with juice bottles for C. I'm always on the hunt for new ones. I think I have a strange obsession. 

Imagine my delight when OXO Tot very kindly sent us out one of their Twist Top Bottles to review!

This bottle is aimed for children 2years+ but C is pretty confident with a straw so he is able to drink through it fine. It is a thick plastic so it's a little heavy for him at the minute but I imagine a 2 year old would have no problem holding it.

The twist top is a lifesaver as because the straw doesn't have a stopper, juice will just pour out if the cup is dropped. Using the twist top keeps a lot of spills from happening! The straw is wide so its easy to retrieve liquid.

There is a fab loop which makes it easy for carrying too. We've been bringing it everywhere with us (C likes to hold the loop and move it across his highchair tray!). The cup itself has a wide rim so you can even add ice if need be and it's easy to clean.

My partner even said that he wants one!

Most importantly it is BPA free and dishwasher friendly!
This bottle retails are £8.00 and is also available in Aqua and Raspberry.

You can find OXO Tot at their website, Facebook and Twitter.

(Disclaimer: We received this item free of charge is exchange for an open and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own).