Friday 29 June 2018

Spinmaster Wobbly Worm - Review

With summer approaching, I really wanted to get the kids some more games and toys that they could play with outdoors. Although C and E are 5 and 3, so not too much of an age gap, I do struggle getting something fun and easy enough for both of them to play together. C likes "older toys" and E needs things to be easy for her to master.

Spinmaster have a great game called Wobbly Worm which has been brilliant for keeping the two of them entertained, getting them having fun with a little added competitiveness for good measure!

The concept of the game is easy. Inside the box you received a base shaped like half an apple, the tubes and connections to create the "worm" and nine rings in three different sizes/colours.

The aim of the game is for the players to get the rings successfully over the worm but it's made a little bit difficult as once the button on the base is pressed (the base requires two C batteries which aren't included), the worm will start to wobble in all directions.

What I love about the game is that you can adapt it to suit whoever is playing. There are two different ways to play. For younger children, they can take one step back from the worm so they are basically arms length away, hold one of the hoops out while the worm is moving and try to place it over its head without moving their feet.

For older children, they can take three steps back so they are a bit further away then try and toss the hoops over, like a ring toss, again without moving their feet. The worm is built with four tubes but you can also remove some if you find that the worm is too tall for your children to play.

The game is recommended for children age 3+ so although E is right at the lowest age range, she actually enjoyed trying to throw them from a bit further away, until she got a little annoyed that she wasn't getting them on and tried to cheat! I usually give her the largest rings so it's a little easier and C is happy enough to try with the smaller ones. It gives us a load of laughs, especially when mummy can't even get the rings over the worm either!

Wobbly Worm is such a simple game that the whole family can enjoy - even the kids' granny joined in at one point - while also nurturing and encouraging those fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. You can purchase it from Smyths and all other good retailers for £17.99.

(We received this item for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)
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