Wednesday 11 March 2020

Celebrating #BritishScienceWeek with Learning Resources

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It is British Science Week from the 6th-12th of March and it is one national week that I am always eager to support. We have always been into science as a family and both C and E are fascinated by all things science, from why things look and behave the way they do to how things are made.

Learning Resources have a great range of Science themed toys that are perfect for getting young children excited about the world of science. Both C and E were thrilled to kindly be sent the GeoSafari Jr My First Microscope and GeoSafari Jr My First Telescope to try out. These are available in both pink or blue colourways. C is happy with any colour and even at the age where he can be influenced by society and what others think, he loves pink as much as any other colour. E, on the other hand, is stereotypically girly so was thrilled to see pink and purple science-based toys.

GeoSafari Jr My First Microscope
This super cool microscope was designed by a scientist and mum of two and it is a working microscope targeted towards children aged around 3-7 years old. E and C are 5 and 7 respectively and the eye piece is the perfect size for their small faces. It takes three AAA batteries (not included) to activate the light.

Unlike a typical microscope, it has two eye pieces meaning that your child doesn't have to close one eye to use it - I know that can throw some kids off because they don't know which one they should be closing! It is completely designed for little hands with one chunky focusing knob that children can move easily on their own.

E was happily searching around the house and outdoors for things to look at under her 8x magnification lens. The fixed stage means that both flat and 3D objects can be viewed easily without the need for slides. Her favourite things to look at were leaves and her own fingertips and she was in awe at what these items looked like close up.

GeoSafari Jr My First Telescope
I love the idea of a children's telescope because as a child, I remember my dad being massively into astronomy and now he speaks to my children, his grandchildren, about the galaxy and constellations.

The My First Telescope, like the Microscope, is perfectly made for little faces. My face doesn't fit properly in the goggle and nose guide at the dual eyepiece but C and E can use it easily as it's designed with children's pupillary distance in mind.

We tended to wait til night-time to use this to try and get a good view of the moon but it was great to point out the door during the day to see what we could spot (mostly birds on the roof on the house across the road). It has 10x magnification with a wide field of vision and built-in mirror. 

It is so simple to set up and comes with a collapsible tripod too. Attaching the telescope to the tripod is done by lining it up with the top and screwing it on. E found the telescope absolutely fascinating but it did take us a little while to suss out the fact that unless the item we were trying to look at was at least 100 feet away, it wouldn't focus and seemed blurry. Once we got past that hurdle, she was able to easily use it on her own and would excitedly tell me about what she could see.

Learning Resources have a whole host of fabulous science related toys and you can find out more at their website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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