Friday 20 November 2020

2020 Reading Challenge | Just Between Friends by Rosie Nixon

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Just Between Friends by Rosie Nixon - 3/5 
"Aisha Moore is eight months pregnant. She's thrilled, and a little scared. Not least because her husband Jason hasn't quite wrapped his head around the fact. 

Lucy is having her first child too. She has finally got her wish - although the circumstances aren't quite what she had hoped. Oscar will be a great dad though, won't he? 

When the two women join the same baby group, they quickly become friends and before long they're confiding in each other. 

Only there's one thing Lucy hasn't told Aisha. And while a baby may turn your life upside-down, a secret this big will change everything."

'Just Between Friends' follows Aisha and Lucy who have joined the same baby group. Both ladies are in the later stages of pregnancy and the chapters are told in each of their points of view.

Their relationships are very different. Jason, Aisha's husband, is working a lot of overtime in preparation for the baby and she feels that he is stressing out about being a father.

Oscar got together with Lucy after she had IVF to conceive her baby, saying he would be there for the two of them.

It soon becomes clear that there is a secret that connects these two women, but what is it?

I had guessed pretty early on what the connection was so I was eager to read on to see if I was right. The story itself is well-written and full of humour. If you are a parent, you will definitely be able to relate to a lot of the stories in this book.

I loved all of the supporting characters and the different family dynamics/circumstances, touching on relatable subjects such as both vaginal and caesarean section births, colic, poo-splosions - it brought it all back to me! 

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