Friday 2 September 2022

The Blame Game by Sandie Jones | Blog Tour Book Review

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The Blame Game by Sandie Jones
Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Macmillan 
Publication date: 1st September 2022

There are two sides to every story.

He came to me for help with his marriage.

I was alone and afraid. She was there when I needed to talk.

I needed to make him understand that he had to get away.

I knew what I needed to do. I just couldn’t do it on my own. I trusted her.

Now it has gone too far. And I can’t tell anyone what I have done.

Now I have nowhere to turn and I just pray they find me before she does.

The whole way through this book I just kept thinking, "what is going on?" Not in a bad way, but I just couldn't work out who was behind it all - just what I want from a thriller.

Psychotherapist Naomi Chandler moved from Long Island to England after meeting and falling in love with husband Leon. After her father's murder of her mother and her sister Jennifer being taken away, she had nothing to stay for. She now helps other victims of domestic violence.

Two of her main clients, Jacob and Anna are seeing Naomi for different reasons. Jacob is being abused by his wife and Anna and her husband Nick are having troubles following their toddler's death a year previously. Naomi always goes above and beyond for her clients but this time it costs her. Someone is out to ruin her life but who and why?

My head was spinning reading this book. There are so many twists and turns and it kept me on my toes the whole way through. An enjoyable thriller!


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