Thursday 6 July 2023

Sincerely, Me by Julietta Henderson | Book Review

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Sincerely, Me by Julietta Henderson
My rating: 4/5
Publisher: Bantam Press
Publication date: 23rd February 2023

Danny is the definition of a man who 'could do better'. He drinks more than he should, currently lives in his best friend's garden shed - and he hasn't spoken to his sister in 16 years.

But when Danny is the subject of a misleading newspaper article, claiming his lifestyle is actually quite enlightened, he suddenly finds himself in the limelight. Letters begin to flood in from strangers seeking his guidance.

Wolfie is the daughter of Danny's estranged sister, Lou. She's never met her uncle, but her mother is struggling. So when Wolfie sees Danny's picture in the paper, she sets out to find him.

Within a week, Danny goes from being responsibility-free to a big brother, an uncle and an unwitting existential 'guru' to some very lost souls.

Can he become the man they all need him to be?

Julietta Henderson has a really gorgeous way of writing a heartfelt novel with just the right amount of humour.

Sincerely Me follows the story of thirty-nine-year-old Danny Mulberry who currently lives in a shed in best friend Dom's garden. A misunderstanding means he is arrested and a photo of him is in a local publication. This is received very well and all of a sudden, Danny becomes an "agony aunt" style figure with readers sending letters to the publication to him, asking Danny for advice.

One of these letters comes from fifteen-year-old Wolfie who is the daughter of Danny's estranged sister Lou. Danny hasn't seen Lou for sixteen years so he was unaware of Wolfie's existence. Lou has been in an accident and Wolfie's letter reunites them. Dom, being the kind best friend he is, moves Wolfie and Lou in with him whilst Lou recovers.

This is awkward for both Danny and Lou at the beginning but it forces them to revisit what happened to cause their estrangement. I absolutely loved the development of all of their relationships and characters, especially Danny's own through writing his letters. I knew when I read The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman that Henderson has a special way of writing and this is confirmed in Sincerely Me too. Beautiful.

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