Thursday 31 August 2023

The Confession Room by Lia Middleton | Book Review

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The Confession Room by Lia Middleton
My rating: 5/5
Publisher: Penguin Michael Joseph
Publication date: 31st August 2023

An online forum for admitting your sins.

Some people confess to affairs, others to stealing. Some admit deep, dark wishes. And former police officer Emilia Haines, reading strangers' secrets is the perfect distraction from the past.

But one day, Emilia stumbles on the darkest confession yet:


At first, it seems like a hoax. But when a body is found, then another victim is named, Emilia can't look away.

How are the victims linked? Who is confessing to murder to publicly?

And how do you catch a serial killer who is hiding in plain sight?

I absolutely FLEW through this one but I knew I would because Lia Middleton's books just have that effect on me.

Emilia Haines is a former police officer, leaving the force after blaming herself for her sister's death. If only she'd answered Sophie's worried phone calls, maybe she would still be alive. 

Of course, Emilia can't just forget about all the skills and abilities she had acquired as an officer and becomes obsessed with checking a forum called The Confession Room. It begins with people posting simple confessions such as them cheating on partners but it soon turns sinister. Someone is kidnapping forum users, two at a time, and uploading videos of them in a real life confession room. By the end, one of the two will be dead.

Emilia fully inserts herself into finding out what is going on, much to the chagrin of her ex-colleagues. There were so many times where I wanted to give her a shake and tell her to leave well alone. I was desperate to get to the end of this book to see how it would all pan out. My heart was racing and my eyes went wide by the ending. Fantastic! 

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