Monday 11 March 2013

My birthday & my 1st Mother's Day

This weekend has been fab! 
It was my 21st birthday on Saturday and instead of going out and getting completely bladdered like most people my age would, I woke up with my baby boy in my dad's house. I spent the day with my lovely partner and son. When C went to bed, Chris and I cuddled up with a movie and a Chinese takeaway. It was honestly the most perfect way to spend my 21st.

The following day was then my first Mother's Day as a mum! Obviously C's a little bit wee to be making cards etc, but Chris was fab. Got me some lovely gifts & I got a beautiful breakfast of boiled eggs - my fave! Took a trip to see my MIL as it's her first Mother's Day as a grandma and we'd got her some presents. 

C decided today was the day that he'd start sticking his tongue out and sitting up on his own! My little baby is growing up! :(

All in all, it was the perfect weekend. Chris had booked the week off but he's back to work today. Gonna be lost without him!

2 comments on "My birthday & my 1st Mother's Day"
  1. Your little boy is so cute, i'm glad you had a nice nice Mothers Day, looks like he spoiled you! xx

    1. Thank you very much...I can't believe that someone has taken the time out to read my blog post and comment. Thank you! xx