Wednesday 20 March 2013

Oriflame fragrances REVIEW (Signature, Divine, Amber Elixir Night)

When Oriflame by Julie posted on Facebook that she needed people to test out a few aftershave and perfume samples, I jumped at the chance. Myself and Chris have been using the same scents day in, day out for the past two years and we occasionally find ourselves smelling everything in Boots!

I received Signature aftershave, Divine perfume and Amber Elixir Night perfume. (Sorry for rubbish photos - perfume samples are hard to take photos of!)

Signature aftershave

This aftershave is described on the website as:

"Woody and fruity Signature is a fragrance for the discerning man. With pear for originality, nutmeg for artistry and vetiver for elegance, Signature represents a man of creativity and culture."

I'm normally useless when it comes to scents. I just say "it smells nice/horrible" and that's it but as soon as my partner put this on I automatically noticed how fruity it was. It was very different to what I'm used to smelling on him but I think I preferred it!


Price: £21.95 for 75ml

Divine perfume

This perfume is described on the website as: 

"Divine Eau de Toilette celebrates the ultimate woman with light, natural notes of bamboo, violet petals and ivy. An enchanting six-petal orchid heart blooms before descending into a sensual harmony of white musk and sandalwood."

Now, I'm not usually a musk fan and the first scent that stood out to me was the violet. I tend to stay with fruity fragrances but I think I might make the change over to this as it's a lot more understated!


Price: £15.95 for 50ml

Amber Elixir Night perfume

This perfume is described on the website as:

"Seductive and warm light a lover's caress. Amber Elixir Night Eau de Parfum casts it's dark, sensual glow with lush orris and creamy bourbon vanilla for an unforgettable scent that speaks the language of seduction."

This, for me, was my least favourite. Not a fault of the perfume though! I have NEVER liked vanilla. Vanilla scents, vanilla flavouring, my stomach just churns. The vanilla scent is very strong with this so it's just not for me. I know a lot of people love the vanilla scent so please don't let me put you off.


Price: £14.95 for 50ml

The scents of all three of these fragrances lingered for well over 12 hours which really surprised me. As I mentioned before I usually stay pretty faithful to my trusty old perfume but I really feel that the Divine perfume will make me stray. At between £14.95-£21.95 a bottle you really can't go wrong!

(Disclaimer: I received these three samples from Oriflame by Julie free of charge in exchange for an honest review)

2 comments on "Oriflame fragrances REVIEW (Signature, Divine, Amber Elixir Night)"
  1. I'm so glad that I have read this review!! I've always seen the Oriflame products but was never really sure about whether to try them Or not! You have def made me decide to give then a go! :)

  2. Thanks for doing this review, I enjoyed reading it. I too am interested in trying out their perfumes. I don't think their prices look expensive, but just as long as they smell good.