Sunday 11 June 2017

What I've Won - May 2017

Yay, I can't believe I'm actually writing this post before the last week of June! My plan of getting back on track seems to be working. May was a fantastic month for me and I actually won my most expensive prize to date. Here's what I won:

1) Beauty and the Beast tea set (RRP £19.99) from Wow Free Stuff
Beauty and the Beast is one of my top three Disney movies and now my daughter is obsessed with it/Belle too. I was so chuffed to have won this set for her and have put it away for her birthday.
2) £10 spend at Sew Serendipity
I love Instagram shops so when I won £10 to spend at Sew Serendipity, it was so hard to choose what to buy. I opted for this gorgeous pink unicorn skirt and matching bow. E loves it too!
3) Three A4 monochrome prints (RRP £7.00) from mummasprints
I am a little bit obsessed with wall hangings and decorations so I love wins like this! The Mickey and Minnie ones will go in the kids rooms above their beds with the other going in our room.

4) MIBO board books (RRP £14.97) from Let Them Be Small
We have so many books that I think we could open a children's library - it doesn't stop me from entering to win more though! The kids are such little bookworms and love having new things to read.
5) Baby Groot figure from Cineworld Cinemas
C absolutely loves Groot so he was so pleased with this little win. I think Cineworld had 100 to give away!
6) WOW Toys vehicle and book (RRP £12.48) from WOW Toys
I love the WOW Toys brand and we already own a few items from the range. The book is great for learning about different types of vehicle too.
7) Case of gluten free goodies (RRP £17.90) from Kent & Fraser
I forgot to take a photo of this before gifting it to my friend, but here is the winning announcement so you can see exactly what I received.

8) Bottlegreen cordials (RRP £3.58) from Bottlegreen Drinks
Bottlegreen were giving away 50 of the above prize over Facebook and Instagram. I'd never actually tried the brand before but they are delicious - especially the raspberry!

9) Shakespeare Star Wars book (RRP £11.99) from Storgy
I love when May 4th rolls around because there are so many Star Wars competitions. I won quite a lot last year but this was my only one for 2017. I have given it to Chris and it's such a fun book!

10) Signed Steve Backshall books (RRP £27.96) from Explore Learning
Okay, I'll admit it, I do love Steve Backshall so I was delighted to win these signed books! I'll put them away for C to read when he's a little older - as long as he's careful with them!

11) Fitness tracker (RRP £25.00) from Affordable Wearables
I have been after a fitness tracker for ages and finally won this one on Instagram. I've been a bit rubbish and haven't set it up yet! Must get a move on.

12) Abeille blanket and Willow the Pillow pillowcase (RRP £39.99) from Abeille
I absolutely love this prize! I'll be gifting the beautiful blanket and have kept the pillowcase for E's bed - it's so cute.

13) Diamond earrings (RRP £1,900.00) from Diamond Heaven
This is my biggest prize in 5 years of comping. I couldn't believe it when they announced I'd won and still wouldn't believe it until they actually arrived at my door. The competition actually said they were worth £1,500 but they came with a certificate of authentication stating £1,900. I'm still a little bit in shock!

14) Gluten free hamper (RRP £23.61) from MACE NI
Like the gluten free products in my win above, I gifted these to my friend who is coeliac too. I always enter these competitions for her and I love gifting them.

15) Pirate craft book (RRP £5.99) from Primary Times
This was a little surprise win that showed up - I love when that happens! It came from a web entry at Primary Times. They have lots of competitions running every month so it's a great place to check out.

16) Prey on PS4 (RRP £44.99) from Boomerang Games
Chris is very big into his PS4 so I was delighted to win this for him!

17) Personalised crayons (RRP £3.00) from Crayation Station
How cute are these!? They are handmade crayons and E absolutely loves them.

18) Milk_shake hair products (RRP £43.07)
I'd been entering the milk_shake competitions on Facebook for a few years now with no luck and I actually almost missed the winning announcement - I only found it when doing a search of my name. They smell divine!

19) Sliders (RRP £19.99) from Ego Shoes
Sliders are hot at the moment and I love these! I'm not a fan of the fluffy ones but these will be perfect to wear in the summer.

20) Aquabeads set (RRP £19.99) from Pink Magazine
C got an Aquabeads set for Christmas last year and loves making things with it. I think I'll put this away for his birthday when it arrives.

21) 'Little Mouse Helps Out' book (RRP £7.99) from Rachel Bustin
This is such a lovely book about a little mouse helping out his mummy. C is at the age now where he wants to help me and his daddy and I'm trying to get him to be more independent.

In May 2017, I won 21 prizes worth a total of £2,259.49! The earrings obviously make up a big part of that. If you haven't read any of my What I've Won posts before, I always like to do a comparison to previous years:

May 2016 - 40 prizes worth £1,002.19
May 2015 - 8 prizes worth £242.99
May 2014 - 14 prizes worth £742.48

Did you win anything nice last month?
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  1. I won with Primary Times this month too. No WEM, just GoApe voucher emailed to me and after a little thought I remembered entering the GoApe comp in the PT! Whoop!