Wednesday 1 November 2017

What I Won - October 2017

Hello and welcome to a new month!

If you're new here, I love entering competitions! Ever since I started, I've been sharing my wins on my blog so I can hopefully encourage people to join in on this hobby. It's amazing and I know people can be sceptical but they do get won!

Here's what I won last month:

1) Milk Make Up Blur Stick (RRP £48.00) from London Loves Beauty
I'm not massively into make up but I do like discovering new foundation. I'd never heard of the Milk brand before so I'm really excited to give it a try.

2) Nuby Superhero Sunday prize (RRP £10.00) from Nuby
Nuby have been running some Superhero Sunday giveaways on their social media channels lately. I won this cape and mask along with a new straw cup and a box of Cadbury Miniature Heroes - so lovely!

3) Three months supply of Bepanthen and a £50 Jojo Maman Bebe voucher
This win came exactly at the right time as our little nephew was born at the beginning of the month so I included the Bepanthen in the gift.  I used the voucher to buy C and E some gorgeous matching reindeer pyjamas for Christmas.

4) Shoes and scarf (RRP £40.94) from Purse Angels
I am a sucker for leopard print so I was chuffed to win this. I don't have a photograph but it's a dark grey leopard print fashion scarf and leopard rollable shoes - perfect for a night out when your feet start to hurt on the way home!

5) Karl Lagerfeld backpack (RRP £49.00) from Melijoe
How bloody adorable is this bag?! It's a little too big for E at the moment but I'll definitely put it away for her.

6) Cosy home kit (RRP £90.00) from Energystore Ltd
This was a local win on Facebook and it's such a lovely treat for myself and Chris.

7) Bobble hat (RRP £19.99) from Urban Shore
I LOVE this hat. It's so soft and comfy and perfect for the colder weather.

8) How Animals Build book (RRP £15.00) from Toppsta
C is so inquisitive so this is such a brilliant book for him. It's full of illustrations and flaps to lift to teach you all about where animals live and how they build their homes.

9) Rapunzel braid from Sunshine Parties
This braid is absolutely AMAZING. E adores her Disney Princesses so she was delighted with this. It's all handmade with flowers added to the knitted braid.

10) My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle (RRP £140.00) from My Family Loop
A little while ago, My Family Loop ran a few Twitter parties over four consecutive Mondays with My Little Pony prizes to win. They all happened over school run time so I tried my best to join in and managed to win the big prize on the first week! E loves My Little Pony and this toy is incredible!

11) Cut and blow dry (RRP £25.00) from Blow Dry Bar
I am long overdue a hair cut so this is a lovely treat for me! I just need to find some child-free time to go now...

12) This Works pillow spray (RRP £26.00) from This Works
I have heard about this spray before but I am a bit sceptical. I don't think I'd pay that price just to try it but now I've won it, I'm happy to give it a go and see if it actually works!

13) Kindle (RRP £59.99) from Office Monster
Before I had children, I LOVED to read. It fell by the wayside a little bit in recent years but now my two are a little older, I have more time to read. I am so excited to get using this!

14) Box of jelly beans (RRP £25.00) from Healthy Little Numbers
Healthy Little Numbers do a freebie Friday giveaway every week ending at 4pm that day. I was lucky enough to win a box of jelly beans - Chris's favourite! It is an added bonus that they're healthy too!

15)  Bottle of Aquaint and candy hamper (RRP £11.00) from Aquaint
I loved using Acquaint for cleaning down E's highchair when she was little and it comes in so handy. Who doesn't love some sweeties too?!

16) NARS Orgasm blush (RRP £48.00) from Latest In Beauty
This is a win from Instagram where you just had to follow, like the image and leave a comment. I was delighted to win as I know my sister will love it!

17) PJ Masks pyjamas (RRP £9.99) from The Pyjama Factory
Ever since PJ Masks first started, both my children instantly loved it. C is so excited with these pj's that I won on Facebook and now doubt E will steal them when she's bigger and C has outgrown them.

18) Build It! STEM engineering book (RRP £8.00) from Independent School Parent
This book is amazing! It's filled with loads of ideas for budding engineers to try. I think C is a little too young at the moment but I know he'll love it when he's a bit more able to do them.

19) Marvel Avengers chair (RRP £30) from Woodstyle Flooring NI
This was another local win on Facebook! C is obsessed with Avengers and his bedsheets are exactly the same print. It couldn't be more perfect!

20) £25 from That's Life!
That's s Life magazine always do shout outs for little tidbits to add into their magazine and they compensate you for your story. They were looking for funny things your children have said and C's wit bagged him £25!

21) Naked Noodles (RRP £3.60) from Naked Noodle
I do love a food win! I've actually tried these noodles before and liked them so it's a nice little one.

22) Elf cosmetics bundle (RRP £54.00) from beautybyedenjaije
I am SO excited to give these a go, especially the hubble mask. I definitely need to take better care of my skin so I'm excited to see if they work wonders.

23) Name train (RRP £16.00) from Babyblooms
I was absolutely delighted to win this little wooden name train as we've just welcomed a little nephew into the family! It will make a gorgeous gift.

So, in October 2017 I won 23 prizes worth a total of £814.51!

I always like to do a comparison to past years so...
October 2016 - 11 prizes worth £324.92
October 2015 - 22 prizes worth £450.20
October 2014 - 10 prizes worth £471.00

Definitely my best October yet!

Did you win anything nice this month?

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