Friday 26 January 2018

What are the best car video games?

I was first introduced to video games by my father at around the age of five. I specifically remember playing Super Mario Bro's and Street Fighter on Nintendo 64 and there began my love of games.

20 years later, gaming systems have changed, the gaming culture is huge and the games that are being released are getting more engaging and realistic. Driving and car racing games have always been a popular choice but which ones come out on top?

Motor retailer Lookers have conducted a survey to find out which car racing games that we, the public, love most.

Crash Team Racing
If you haven't heard of this game, where have you been?! It was released almost 20 years ago and it is a spin off of one of my ultimate favourite games - Crash Bandicoot. Ooga Booga!

In the game, you get to play as the well-known Crash Bandicoot characters and race opponents in different situations. You get the opportunity to obviously steer reverse and break, but also hop over obstacles, crash through crates like the original game, use weapons to get ahead and boost your speed with a power-packed option.

Super Mario Kart
This one is definitely my number one and I'm sure it's an instant winner on most people's lists.

The game launched in 1992 and has sold around 9 million copies worldwide to date, making it one of the world's best selling games. My son even plays it on the Wii at his grandparents house. Mario will always have a special place in my heart.

To play the iconic Super Mario Kart, you choose your character; Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, Bowser, Donkey Kong Jr. or Koopa Troopa then take part in a manic go-kart race around multiple crazy tracks. Players can get special powers and the chance to launch shells and bananas at their opponents to throw them off course to get yourself to the finish line first.

Super Mario Kart has been so successful that there have been multiple sequels on further generations of Nintendo consoles as well as Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U.

Need for Speed
EA has produced lots of massively popular games such as FIFA and The Sims but one of its most popular titles is Need for Speed. It focuses on illegal Street racing and players are given tasks and races to complete all while dodging and outrunning law enforcement agencies.

NFS is actually the most successful racing game franchise ever! It's sold over 150 million copies and has a whopping 23 main instalments of the game. In fact, it's so well-established that there was even a film made in 2014 based on the game starring Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame.

The octane-fuelled driving experience game includes everything from crashing through buildings and stripping billboards to passing under trucks and taking part in cross-country racing. Players also have the ability to tune cars, change alloys, swap engines and gear boxes for better power outputs as well as stick spoiler on the back for a sleek aesthetic that's suited to the characters disdain for law.

Micro Machines
Micro Machines is another classic video game that continues to be a strong contender even when pitted against the newer, modern racing games. When playing Micro Machines, you get the chance to control a range of miniature vehicles, racing them aroused unusual tracks such as on top of kitchen tables and in gardens.

There were plenty of sequel versions to this game - and why not? The 'shrinking down' of the player mixed with the manic racing style and household themed objects equals hours of fun!

Published by the video game powerhouse Ubisoft, this game centres around a character named John Tanner. Tanner is a former race car driver turned undercover police detective. Five main editions of the game have been released since its first foray into the gaming world in 1999.

Driver was noteworthy at its time of release as it allowed players to explore each city as an open world environment and it also won the Game Critics Awards 'Best Racing Game (1999)' award.

Fun Fact: Once the single mode player has been completed, players have the ability to drive in Newcastle Upon Tyne where one of the developers, Reflections Interactive, is based!

While no means a mega seller, the game was well received and well rated on gaming websites. One of the most fun features of the game included a 'film director' mode allowing the players to shoot a movie.

What's your favourite car based video game?

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