Tuesday 2 October 2018

7 Home Décor Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Home decoration is a complete process that you should carry out with great care and focus. A single mistake can destroy the whole decorative effect, effort and money invested. Always buy stuff from reliable sources like if you’re buying carpets online, be sure that the store is authentic. However, people continue to make mistakes that need to be addressed. In this post, we will highlight to home owners the top home decor mistakes they should avoid at all costs.
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1. Not Considering Fire Hazards
A lot of effort goes into home decoration with a lot of money as well. People who decorate their home with self-effort should understand how catastrophic fire can prove if it is not considered while making adjustments in the room and house. Never use heaters or other fire items near places where the risk of catching fire is the most.
2. Not Checking Fabric in Person
Everyone has a different choice in furniture and fabric for pillows, bed sheets, sofas and other living room items. When you assign someone to purchase fabric on your behalf, they may not return with what you were expect. This is a serious negligence that should be handled carefully. You should check the fabric before making the final purchase call.
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3. Using Wallpapers on One Wall
Either you should wallpaper all the walls or don’t do that at all. Using wallpapers on a single wall makes no sense leading to poor home decoration and ugly look of the room. Be careful while you select wallpapers, consider their colour that matches your taste and may give a great aesthetic view to the room and other places where used.
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4. Not Testing Paint Colors
This is for the home owners who decorate their houses on their own and make all arrangements needed. There are a lot of scammers out there. People are selling poor quality paints and decoration items. If you just buy and use the paint without testing some other places, it may be something that you regret later.
5. Stuffing
Stuffing a room is never a wise option. There should be separate areas or rooms where you want to keep your items and fill that with decorative pieces or other items. A room that has a frequent use should contain just decorative items that provide a nice look to the room. Overcrowding makes a place look restricted and diverts attention of the visitors.
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6. Out of Place Themes
This mistake needs to be avoided at all costs. You shouldn't use a modern theme in one room while the nearby ones are decorated with an old or classic theme. A single theme that matches with the paint colours, environment and makes you feel better should be employed for the whole building.
7. Getting Caught up in Trends
Falling a victim to trendy styles, themes, decoration ideas, designs and concepts may not prove good for your house. You have a choice that may not match with anyone elses. So you have to be unique in what you choose and what you decide on. Be careful and listen to your heart and everything will go fine and smooth.
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