Tuesday 16 October 2018

Treat Yourself to Some Nice New Lingerie This Season

At this time of the year, most of us update our wardrobes. We need warmer clothes and to start getting ourselves ready for events like Halloween, Bonfire Night and the party season. But, the one thing many of us forget to do is to buy some new lingerie from somewhere like Simply Be.

A lot of us do not particularly like going shopping for lingerie. We feel a bit shy and find that having to get completely undressed to try everything on to be a bit stressful.
Why it is worth the hassle
However, you really should resist the urge not to update your underwear. It really does have a significant impact on how you look and how good you feel.
If you are wearing an old bra that does not give you much support, it will be impossible to look your best. It does not matter whether you are wearing an expensive new top or a saggy old t-shirt.
Old and worn underwear tends not to stay in place well. Having to constantly pull your knickers up because they keep slipping is uncomfortable and annoying.
Tap into some new trends
It is also nice to treat yourself and buy something that is fashionable. Right now, there are some really lovely items available in the shops. So, if it has been a while since you tried some different bra and pant cuts, now is a good time to do so.
Over time, we all change shape a bit. So, it makes sense to be brave and try something new every now and again. It is the best way to discover that magic lingerie set that makes you look and feel amazing.
Something pink
If you want to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month you can do so in lots of different ways. Dressing in pink on 19 October is one way to do it. So, why not buy yourself some pink lingerie? That way you will literally be dressed in pink from head to toe.
Currently, quite a few retailers are selling pink bras, pants, camisoles, boudoirs and slips. It is a colour that flatters most women and is light enough to be worn under most items of clothing without it showing too much.
Tattoo Prints
If you are not really keen on lace, but are a bit bored of plain materials, try on some tattoo print lingerie. These bold, elaborate patterns are designed to accentuate the female form as well as look interesting. They are also a great way to cover up thread veins and little patches of cellulite.
Try a bodysuit
This year, bodysuits are very much back in style. Again, if you have not tried one before I recommend that you do. They are not for every woman and you have to get the fit right. When you do that, you will be surprised by just how comfortable they are.
Plus, a body suit provides you with another layer of clothing. They may be thin, but that does not matter because it is the air that they trap next to your skin that will help you to feel warmer. If you want help deciding if this trendy item of lingerie is for you I suggest that you read this enlightening article.
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(This is a collaborative post.) 
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