Monday 25 February 2019

Boxy Girls Fashion Dolls Season 1 - Review

E is a child who has a slight major obsession with dolls of all kinds. She has a fantastic wee imagination so they will always be her go-to toy. We received some brand new fashion dolls called Boxy Girls and E was beside herself with excitement to open them as she'd actually heard of them via a YouTube toy unboxing channel.

If you haven't yet heard of Boxy Girls, there are four different dolls to collect (Brooklyn, Nomi, Willa and Riley) and each doll comes with four packages, all of which contain a fashion accessory.

We received the Brooklyn and Riley dolls and an additional fashion pack. E could not wait to see what was inside all of the parcels and she was already roleplaying before I'd even opened the actual dolls out of their boxes, telling me that she "couldn't wait to see what they bought at the mall online". The point of the dolls is that they are supposed to love online shopping for clothes, make up, shoes and accessories and the parcels are a new twist on a blind bag.

Each doll retails at £17.99 which I don't think is bad considering you are basically getting a doll and four blind bags. The dolls themselves are well made and I like that their knees, elbows and wrists are moveable. Upon opening, E acted as though she was really filming an unboxing, getting super excited about what her doll had "bought" and talking me through everything. As well as getting the fashion item, you also get a little sticker - E is obsessed with stickers - and a cute little pink piece of cardboard thanking you for your order. A really lovely touch!

The Fashion Packs retail at £9.99 and while these don't contain a doll, you do get six parcels for your Boxy Girl to open, meaning that you can add to your collection. I was worried that once E had opened all of the parcels, the fun would be over as that's the most exciting thing but E has had a great time making both Riley and Brooklyn talk and play together and changing their accessories and clothes depending on what they're doing (she likes to pretend they are going shopping or to the beach). I know I will definitely be buying E the Willa and Nomi dolls at some point because of how well they have been received. I know some people would be concerned about getting dupes, especially when it comes to buying additional Fashion Packs but we did already get one dupe of a pair of earrings and E just has both dolls wearing them at the same time, calling them twins so I don't think she'd mind too much.

E has actually brought her Brooklyn Boxy Girl into nursery every day since we received her and I purchased the Willa doll for her little friend whose birthday party we went to last weekend because we like them so much!

In addition to the toy fun, you can sign up to Club Boxy Girls for Boxy Girls news and chances to win some prizes.

You can find the Boxy Girls range at Smyths Toys and all good toy stores, and keep an eye out for Season 2 which will be arriving soon!

(We received these items for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.) 
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  1. These sound brilliant. She really looks like she is having fun and I'm so pleased the delight didn't disappear after the boxes ended too.