Wednesday 27 February 2019

Lollipets - Review

We own an absolutely crazy amount of collectable toys. Between C and E, we easily have hundreds and I think that they like the idea of trying to collect them all. We recently received some brand new collectable toys called Lollipets. We have kids shows on TV in the morning before school so E was familiar with them from the advertisement (and of course, we had choruses of "I want those!") so she was very excited to get them opened and see what they did.

Firstly, the Lollipets boxes themselves are very cute. They resemble animals and even have little ears attached. They come in either a single pack or two packs and we received one of each to try out. 

There are 20 different characters to collect - elephants, mice and rabbits - and each Lollipet comes with it's own sweet treat, a lollipop. In addition, certain animals come from certain "areas". We received Monty from Lollipop Lake, Barry from Lollipop Lake and Pearl from Marshmallow Meadows in our single and double packs. There are also animals from Cake Pop Coast and Cotton Candy Canyon.

Once you've switched your Lollipet on at the bottom, you can use it's treat to get it to do things. It can follow it along, hop if you hold it above, sprint if it's held behind or dodge if it's beside. E did struggle a bit at the start to know where exactly to position the lollipop to get her Lollipet to react but she has since sussed it out. 

Her favourite thing about the Lollipets are that they react with each other. If you have two of them switched on nearby, they will be drawn to each other and move together to kiss or -ahem- sniff each other's bottoms.

The toys themselves are well made, from sturdy plastic with little rubber ears and tails which give a bouncy effect when they move. The designs vary too from bright to pastels and even some which are glittery - I'm sure E will definitely be after one of those next!

The single packs retail at £7.99 and double at £14.99 and they are available from Smyths and all good toy stores.

(We received these items for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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