Thursday 4 April 2019

Teeth Whitening at The White House Clinics, Belfast

(I was gifted the following treatment from The White House Teeth Whitening Clinic but all thoughts and opinions are my own.)

I had braces for a few years as a teen so I have always liked how straight my teeth are. Unfortunately, my vice is coffee so they haven't stayed as white as I'd like them to be. I was very excited to be invited along to The White House Teeth Whitening Clinic, situated on the Lisburn Road in Belfast.

The booking process is very simple. Once you are on The White House website, there is a live online booking page where you can select a time that suits you at your closest location (Belfast, Edinburgh, Manchester or Exeter). You will receive an email confirmation then a text where you can reply to confirm your attendance.

I had booked in for 9am (their first session) on a Tuesday morning as I knew Chris could drop me off on the school run. The Lisburn Road can be very busy at that time of day with schools and people getting to work. Dr Lina Hameed, who would be carrying out my treatment, was running late but she made sure to ring me twice to keep me in the loop which I really appreciated and I instantly got a good vibe from the place. She was very apologetic but I know how traffic can be so I didn't mind at all.

Once we got inside, I was given a consent form to read and sign before going forward, explaining how the process would work and what would happen and I was also asked if I was pregnant or a smoker.

The treatment takes approximately one hour in total. Firstly, we had to determine what my current tooth shade was by comparing them on the Vitapan Shade Guide. My starting shade was 3m1 which is roughly in the middle of the guide. I do have a little staining inbetween my teeth and was advised that the treatment couldn't help with that as I'd need a scaler but it would whiten the colour of my teeth.

I was made very comfortable in a quiet room with a TV mounted to the wall (I was even offered the remote to change the channel if Frasier wasn't my thing - I didn't change it, I love Frasier) and the treatment began. The doctor inserted a cheek retractor and blue seal barrier then the specially formulated whitening gel was applied over my teeth. The laser light accelerator was placed over them for 15 minutes. This was done three times with the gel being replaced each time.

The gel application felt a bit odd on my gums as it's kept in the fridge and I do have sensitive gums but there was no pain whatsoever. The first session under the laser gave a pulsating feeling but that went away for the next two.

Upon finishing the treatment, my teeth were again compared against the Vitapan Shade Guide. This time they came out at 0m1 which was at the top of the scale so I was very impressed. Dr Lina felt that my teeth reacted well due to their mineral content. I was blown away by the results as I didn't think they'd come out as white as they did and it was a wonderful experience.

I was advised not to eat or drink anything that would stain a white t-shirt for the following 24 hours, no smoking for 24 hours and to avoid any toothpastes that are coloured or have red/blue stripes. I was also told that the results would last anywhere between 9-18 months. You can book in for top ups or purchase an at home kit to maintain your treatment.

The one hour teeth whitening treatment costs £169 which I think is a very good price as I came away feeling really happy with my teeth. You can find out more about The White House on their website and also keep up to date on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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