Thursday 5 December 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

[AD/Gifted items and affiliate links - Some of the items featured have been gifted to me. I have also included affiliate links. Clicking through my links and making a purchase means I will get some pennies with no extra cost to you.] 

Following on from yesterday's post, I'm back with another gift guide - this time for kids! If you are like me and confused about the abundance of products that there are out there available to buy for children, I've put together a little list of smaller items that I think would make a lovely present.

Bibetta Newborn Plush Bib

It's so hard to buy for a newborn or young baby at Christmas. My own two were three months old when their first Christmases came along and I think I just bought for the sake of it. Practical gifts are great for this age as they won't know any better and mum and dad will be so appreciative. This plush bib from Bibetta is super soft, absorbs dribble and wetness and is quick drying to protect baby's skin. The little teddy bear motif is adorable too! You can purchase this from Bibetta for £5.99. 

We love a family game, especially at Christmas time, and this one is so much fun and easy for all ages. It is a game of suspense which my two children love! Simply hang the fruit and other jungle friends onto the orangutan but, watch out! Soon, it will all be too much and he will spring up and everything will fly off! It's sure to make for lots of laughs. You can purchase this from Amazon for £12.99.

Lucky Fortune
These Lucky Fortune toys resemble Chinese fortune cookies but inside you'll find a surprise bracelet with a charm and a paper fortune. There are over 100 different bracelets to collect within four different rarity levels. The Collector's Guide that comes with them even doubles up as a Fortune Teller! They are a cute little twist on collectable toys and retail at £4.99 for one, £8.99 for the BFF pack containing two and £14.99 for the four pack Take Out box. You can find these on Amazon.

Personalised '...Goes to Sleep' Book
If you are a long time follower, you'll know that I love books and I love personalised items too. This '...Goes to Sleep' book puts your child in the story which I think gets them excited and keeps them engaged. It's been created in partnership with The Children's Sleep Charity and it is proven to help children sleep better through the night. 

The story and illustrations are just beautiful; E has been mesmerised by the imagery when we read and it's lovely to include as part of a bedtime routine. You can purchase your own personalised copy from the Goes to Sleep website for £16.99.

Angry Birds Game Pack
Angry Birds 2 was released in the cinemas in the summer of this year so all the Angry Birds related toys are back in again! We absolutely loved the first Angry Birds movie but haven't had a chance to see the second yet - I definitely think we'll be getting it on DVD.

The Angry Birds Game Pack is perfect for fans of Red and the gang. Simply push the button on each bird's bottom and watch them go from happy to angry! You get five characters to play with and you also get unique game card to scan for an exclusive in-app game! This can be purchased from Amazon for £11.99.

Nintendo Switch Steering Wheel

I think many children will have a Nintendo Switch on their Christmas lists this year - Santa is bringing C one - and there are so many accessories that you can buy to go along with the actual console. My son is obsessed with Super Mario so Mario Kart will definitely be a game that he will want to buy. For racing games, the Steering Wheel 2 pack is perfect for popping the Joy-con controller inside to play easily. You can purchase these from Amazon for £9.99.

Micro Scooters

I included Micro Scooters in my adult gift guide and they do a fantastic range for children too. The Mini Deluxe LED Scooters (£109.95) are my favourite though and I love that they can be personalised with the child's name too. 

To match with the child's scooter, they do a wide range of accessories too from lunchboxes (£9.95), fingerless gloves (£12.95), windmills (£6.95) and helmets (£32.95) meaning that everything will complement each other and look beautiful together. All of these items can be purchased from Micro Scooters.

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