Monday 23 December 2019

Blume Dolls Baby Pop - Review

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We received the original Blume Dolls a little while ago and absolutely loved them so we were very excited to hear about the new addition to the range that will be available in selected Tesco stores from December 26th - Baby Pop!

As the name suggests, instead of full size dolls like the original Blume Dolls, inside Baby Pop you will find babies! These work a little differently but come with a whole host of features that are super fun.

Firstly, you will see five different plants growing out of the top. You simply pull these out and you'll hear a pop! Twist the plants counter-clockwise and see what's hiding inside. Will you get 3, 4 or 5 babies?!

In the first couple, we found some cute accessories for the babies like sunglasses and a pizza slice but then we found three babies in the next three! They are super cute wearing little swaddles and each have a different expression on their face so you know their mood. You get a collectors sheet so E was very excited to match up the dolls with the image to see if they were rare or common.

It might look like that's all there is to the Blume Dolls Baby Pop but if you pull the bottom off the container, you'll find a hidden nursery! E was very surprised by this and was even more surprised when she opened the toybox and looked underneath the beds to find even more items - cuddle toys for the babies, another swaddle so you can mix and match them, a highchair and even some stickers to decorate the nursery!
Once you've removed the swaddles from the babies, you'll see that they are each wearing nappies. If you dip them in cold water, the nappies will change to either pink or blue, depending on gender. All of our babies were boys, much to E's dismay.

The fun doesn't stop there! The lid of the Blume Dolls Baby Pop toy turns into a swimming pool so you can fill it with water for your babies to have a little splash in. You'll find a hidden ladder, in two pieces, hooked inside the main part of the container which slots onto the lid/pool for extra fun!

E has had so much fun playing with the new Blume Dolls Baby Pop and I think it's great that they have put so many different aspects into the toy. E hasn't yet got bored with it and even uses the dolls and playset with her existing larger Blume Dolls too.

The Blume Dolls Baby Pop will be available to buy from selected Tesco stores on December 26th.

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