Thursday 27 February 2020

The Dream Pillow Day Dreamimals Sharkie - Review

[AD/Gifted product - We received this item free of charge for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

Back in November, you might remember we reviewed the Dream Pillow with E and she absolutely loved it - she still sleeps with it every night changing up the "dream" that she puts inside regularly.

As well as the original Dream Pillow, they also do a range called Day Dreamimals. These are smaller versions of the Dream Pillow on a keyring style loop. C was very excited to receive a Sharkie character Day Dreamimal as he liked the idea of E's Lamby.

The Day Dreamimal works in a slightly different way to the Dream Pillow. With Dream Pillow, you get a little cloud shaped block of dream cards to write down what you'd like to dream about that night and pop in inside before you go to sleep. With Day Dreamimals, it is to be used at the start of the day, writing or drawing your positive thoughts for throughout that day or what you'd like to daydream about. It is sort of like manifesting for the duration of your day. The Day Dreamimals come with a mini sized block of dream cards so they are perfect for travelling or taking with you on the go. 

C has decided to keep his Sharkie attached to his schoolbag. He does get anxious at school so he likes to write something positive inside before he heads off and I feel like the idea of what he's written being so close to him throughout the day helps him to have a better day with less worries. He talks about what he'd written that morning when he gets home so it definitely seems to me that he is liking having Sharkie with him every day.

The Day Dreamimals are super cute and soft and perfect for snuggling. As well as the Sharkie design, you can also get Lamby and Pinkie. They retail at £8.95 from the Dream Pillow website.

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