Wednesday 26 February 2020

UniVerse | Slimy Unicorn Collectibles - Review

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My daughter E is like any typical five year old girl - unicorn obsessed! Add slime into the mix and you've got the perfect toy.

UniVerse are emoji-themed clouds that need to be submerged in water to reveal a surprise inside.

We filled our bowl with slightly warm water and E set to work dunking a UniVerse cloud inside. After a few seconds, the cloud disintegrates and the water turns into slime! As a parent, I am not a fan of slime at all but E loves it. She wasn't too fussed of the texture and smell of this one though, I think it does depend on how much water you use and what temperature it is - maybe we used too little!

The slime/water turns a different colour, for each cloud this gives you a clue as to which world the UniVerse unicorn is from; orange for Sweet Treats Landing, yellow for Pet Party Peak, Red for Nummy Bay, Pink for Glam-a-Ganza Land, purple for Superstar City, blue for Funtasyland and green for Mist-terious Land.

You will then find four blind bags ready to be opened. Inside, you'll discover your unicorn, some accessories, a best friend for your unicorn and a card with more information about your new unicorn such as what their favourite food is, their likes and dislikes and how uni-que or rare they are. These work like scratchcards and it is recommended to use your unicorns horn to scratch them off but we found the hoof worked better.

There is a collector's sheet that comes with each cloud so you can tick off who you get and you will also find a key that tells you if they are special in any way. We managed to get a good variety in our UniVerse clouds with unicorns from a few different lands as well as a translucent one and a glow in the dark one! My personal favourite was definitely my namesake - Bun Appetit Becca! 

As much as I disliked the mess, E absolutely loved the idea of UniVerse as they are a little bit different. The unicorn characters are great as they have their own little personalities and can be used in lots of different types of play.

UniVerse from Spinmaster retail at around £9.99 each but are available from Smyths at £4.99 at the time of publication.

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