Saturday 30 May 2020

New Free eBook from Twinkl for Children Returning to School

When it was announced that schools was closing due to the coronavirus pandemic, I immediately worried about how I would support my children's learning at home. I got straight onto the Twinkl website and found lots of lovely resources that I downloaded and saved to use with them.

If you follow me on Instagram, I share stories daily of everything that we do on a homeschooling day and you'll have noticed that I've shared some pictures of my two children using some Twinkl resources that either I have downloaded or that their teachers have sent through for them to do.

With lockdown measures easing a bit and schools going back very soon, Twinkl have a fantastic free ebook on their website called 'In It Together' which focuses on the experiences that children may have faced during lockdown and the emotions that they may experience when starting back to school.

The story focuses on four different characters who share how their lives have changed during school closures. It is a tough time for little ones as they, understandably, can be worried about going back to school when not everything is 100% okay. With simple text and child-friendly illustrations, it is great for all ages. 

I think that it is such a lovely book to read with your children and to open up discussion so they can share their worries and you can reassure them.

You can download 'In It Together' from the Twinkl website and the Twinkl Originals app which you can download from the App Store and Google Play. You can also watch the video of a former teacher and member of the Twinkl team reading it on the Twinkl YouTube channel

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