Saturday 4 July 2020

2020 Reading Challenge | Just Saying by Sophie Ranald

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Just Saying by Sophie Ranald - 3/5 ★★★
Blurb: I almost gave up on love. My ex, who called his private parts 'Nigel', was enough to put me off men forever. But then I met Joe.

Alice thought she'd found Mr Right. Her blue-eyed boyfriend Joe gave her butterflies, makes her bacon sandwiches when she's hungover and doesn't have a nickname for any of his body parts.

 She should have known it was too good to be true. Because one day, Alice and Joe bump into Zoë. According to him, Zoë's 'just an old friend'. But Alice saw the way they froze, heard the strange note in Joe's voice when he said her name.

Then, out of the blue, Zoë needs a place to live. And Joe has the bright idea of inviting her, and her fluffy ginger cat Frazzle, to stay with them.

Alice tries her hardest not to feel threatened. But the thing is, Zoë doesn't survive off microwave meals, go days without washing her glossy copper-coloured hair, or accidentally get mascara in her contact lenses. 

Joe's ex might be pretty much perfect, but there's no way that Alice will let Zoë steal him. She's on a mission to prove that three (four, if you count the cat) is definitely a crowd...

Review: I enjoyed Ranald's book 'It's Not You It's Him' so I was excited about this one.

Alice and Joe both work at a law firm in central London and have been together for two years. I really loved Alice and Joe's relationship as they truly do seem like the perfect couple and they are written very well.

Something happens at work, meaning that the job offer that Alice had received for when she was fully qualified, has fallen through and she decides to leave and help out with the running of a local pub. I love this. I love that she wasn't happy with where she was and decided to do something that she truly enjoyed, even if that meant taking a pay cut. That pay cut though, meant that it would be tough on Alice and Joe when it came to paying the bills so they decided to rent out their spare Zoë, a girl Joe dated for three months, seven years ago. Firstly, that's bizarre and secondly, I can't see any woman being okay with that.

Obviously, throughout the book Alice gets jealous and has suspicions that Zoë wants to get back together with Joe.

The story does focus on sexual assault so that is just something to be aware of if you are planning on reading.

I loved the parts where Alice was working in the bar and getting to know the regulars, especially Maurice, and his and Wesley's story is so lovely.

It's an easy read that just sort of plodded along for me with no real urgency but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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