Tuesday 28 July 2020

2020 Reading Challenge | Lost by Leona Deakin

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Lost by Leona Deakin - 3/5 
Blurb: There is an explosion at a military ball. The casualties are rushed to hospital in eight ambulances, but only seven vehicles arrive. Captain Harry Peterson is missing.

His girlfriend calls upon her old friend Dr Augusta Bloom to support the investigation. But no one can work out if there is a connection between the bomb and the disappearance.

When Harry is eventually discovered three days later, they hope he holds the answers to their questions. But he can't remember a single thing.

Without any clues, will Dr Bloom find herself lost in this puzzle too?

Review: Captain Harry Peterson is attending a Navy ball with his girlfriend Karene Harper. There is an explosion and a few people are injured, Harry being one of them. He is taken to hospital via ambulance but it doesn't arrive there until a few days later. It is a different hospital than expected and much further away from the one that the other casualties were brought to.

Karene enlists the help of her old university friend, and private investigator, Dr Augusta Bloom, to find out what happened to Harry in his missing hours. Bloom, alongside her partner, ex-spy Marcus Jameson, discover that Harry is missing his memories from the last four years and assume that he was the specific target at the ball and someone messed with his memory. But why?

It was great to see Dr Bloom and Jameson working together again and although this probably could be read as a standalone as some parts are explained, I would definitely recommend reading 'Gone' by Leona Deakin beforehand so you are familiar with the supporting characters and Bloom and Jameson's relationship.

I struggled a bit with this one. It didn't grip me as much as 'Gone' did and I felt like it was easy to set down to go and do something else.

Leona Deakin is a fantastic writer, there is no doubt about that, there just wasn't enough of a chase for me. I would have liked it to be a little more fast-paced. The story was very good and you could tell that it had been meticulously planned and well researched.

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