Wednesday 9 September 2020

2020 Reading Challenge | Truth Be Told by Kia Abdullah

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Truth Be Told by Kia Abdullah - 5/5 


Kamran Hadid feels invincible. He attends Hampton school, an elite all-boys boarding school in London, he comes from a wealthy family, and he has a place at Oxford next year. The world is at his feet. And then a night of revelry leads to a drunken encounter and he must ask himself a horrific question.

With the help of assault counsellor, Zara Kaleel, Kamran reports the incident in the hopes that will be the end of it. But it's only the beginning...



"Because without changing problematic men - without changing the system that makes them that way - we can't improve things for women."

I absolutely loved Take It Back by Kia Abdullah so I was worried that Truth Be Told wouldn't be able to hold a candle to it. I was wrong. Another fantastic read by Abdullah.

Kamran Hadid attends Hampton, a prestigious boys' boarding school. To the Hadids, appearances are everything.

After a party on campus, a drunken Kamran realises that he has been raped by a fellow student, Finn Andersen.

The book follows the court case and the repercussions for all involved. There are two sides to the story and both parties believe their truth.

It is a very deep story that touches on the stigma surrounding male rape, the differences between the strength of men and women (why didn't he fight him off?) and gay people in the Muslim community.

It was great to see Zara Kaleel back again and to follow her personal story. You can read this one as a standalone without having read Take It Back, but it is fantastic so I would definitely read that first.

Truth Be Told is full of emotion and kept surprising me. Five out of five stars isn't enough for this one!

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