Thursday 3 September 2020

2020 Reading Challenge | The Wish List by Sophia Money-Coutts

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The Wish List by Sophia Money-Coutts - 4/5 


Be careful what you wish for…
Florence Fairfax isn’t lonely. She loves her job at the little bookshop in Chelsea and her cat, Marmalade, keeps her company at night. But everything changes when her stepsister, Mia, announces that she’s engaged to her boring golf-playing boyfriend. That’s when Florence meets Irish love coach, Gwendolyn.
…because you just might get it!
When Gwendolyn makes Florence write a wish list describing her perfect man, Florence refuses to take it seriously. Finding someone who likes cats, doesn’t wear pointy shoes and can overlook her ‘counting habit’? Impossible! Until, later that week, a handsome blond man asks for help in the bookshop…
But is Rory the one, or is he simply too good to be true? Florence is about to find out that her criteria for finding Mr Right aren’t as important as she thought – and that perhaps her perfect man has been right there all along…


I really enjoyed this book!

Florence Fairfax is 32 and single. In fact, she's never had a proper boyfriend. When her half-sister Mia gets engaged, her stepmother recommends that Florence goes to a love guru on Harley Street. To shut her up, Florence complies even though she thinks it's a load of rubbish.

While at her session, she must create a wish list of things she wants in a man. Later, a man enters the bookshop that she works in and they hit it off and eventually enter into a relationship. Rory (the Tory - eek!) works in politics and hopes to become Prime Minister one day but not everyone is Florence's life is taken by him.

I love Florence and the depth of her character. This book made me laugh and although I'd guessed where it was going, it was an exciting read and I enjoyed everything about it. Money-Coutts has written such likable characters which makes this book a pleasure to read. If I had one bad thing to say about it, it would be that it ended too soon and I wanted more!

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