Tuesday 29 December 2020

2020 Reading Challenge | Queen Bee by Jane Fallon

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Queen Bee by Jane Fallon - 4/5
Moving into The Close, all Laura wants is peace and privacy.

But resident Queen Bee Stella is suspicious, fearing Laura has designs for her fiancé, Al.

So when Laura stumbles on Al's big secret, Stella's perfectly controlled world falls apart. As the two women take a chance on beating Al at his own twisted game, these former strangers are fast becoming best friends.

But has Laura forgotten that revenge always comes with a sting in the tail?

I listened to this as an audiobook and it just reminded me of how much I love audiobooks. It is read by Jo Joyner and she is wonderful. Perfect differences between characters and easy to follow along with.

Laura's husband has left her and she finds herself moving into the annex of a house in The Close, an upmarket area of London, full of rich people living in mansions.

Laura runs her own cleaning firm and shares an eight-year-old daughter, Betsy, with ex-husband David. Due to Laura living in uncertain conditions, Betsy stays with David most of the time and Laura is desperate to change that, determined to only stay in the annex for six months.

Being the new person on The Close, she wants to try and fit in. After an evening at Gail and Ben's (the couple whose annex she lives in) she realises that she knows one of the husband's; Al who runs AJT Music, she has a cleaning contract there. Al's fiancée Stella takes an instant dislike to Laura, assuming that the newly single woman on The Close wants to get her claws into her husband and turns all of the other women against her. Queen Bee, indeed.

Laura accidently comes across some shady dealings that Al is involved in, tells Stella and the two become unlikely friends and conspirators.

I really enjoyed this book. It made me laugh out loud and had some twists thrown in too! I definitely have to get a paperback copy.

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