Saturday 24 April 2021

Knife Edge by Kerry Buchanan | Blog Tour Book Review

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Knife Edge by Kerry Buchanan - 4/5
"Nic always hated clubbing.

She only went out that night because she’d promised a friend.

She wakes up, naked and bound in an abandoned cottage in the middle of nowhere. Dappled light comes in through a dirty window. Her body is covered in cuts. Across the room her friend groans in pain.

A shadow passes the window. He’s back.

He picks up a knife. He begins to cut her friend. In that moment of bloody frenzy, Nic wrenches free and runs.

She’s finally safe. But this is just the beginning.

Detectives Asha Harvey and Aaron Birch arrive at the scene hours later. There is no body, there is no sign of the killer. It’s as if it never happened."

Nic and friend Colm go out to a bar to celebrate friend Hannah's birthday. That night, Nic and Colm are abducted and tortured over six days. The abductor eventually kills Colm and Nic manages to escape.

This is a real cat and mouse style novel. We learn that this was the kidnapper's plan all along. He allowed Nic to free herself so he could torture her from afar. Letting her know that he was still there and still watching. He'd be back for her.

When he ends up taking Nic's sister Hazel, she vows to find her and take him down. The police think they know who is behind it as a similar case happened in Leeds and they think they preparator has travelled over to Northern Ireland.

I loved that the book was set in Belfast. It mentioned a lot of places that I am familiar with and would frequent quite a bit. You do need to suspend disbelief a little bit, like how closely Nic was able to work with police, but it was enjoyable all the same.

I quite liked the rapport between the officers and how they interacted with Nic. I thought the ending was very fitting too!

Bonus points for the Dropkick Murphys mention.


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