Friday 9 April 2021

When They Find Her by Lia Middleton | Blog Tour Book Review #WhenTheyFindHer

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When They Find Her by Lia Middleton - 5/5
"Naomi always wanted to be a mother.

But three years ago, her husband left, taking their child with him.

Now, her daughter has come to stay, and Naomi knows it's her one chance to re-build her family.

But the night ends in a terrible accident.

And Naomi has no memory of what happened.

Panicking, desperate, Naomi finds herself telling a lie:

'My daughter is missing.'

Now she can never take it back..."

Oh my goodness, this book!
Psychological thrillers are my absolute favourite and sometimes I feel like because I read so many, I'll be hard to please but this one is just fantastic.

Naomi has a four year old daughter called Freya with ex-husband Aiden. Freya lives with Aiden and new wife, Naomi's childhood best friend Helen.

The story moves between present day and events in the past. As it develops we understand the reason for Naomi and Aiden's split and we realise that Naomi has an issue with sleeping tablets. Freya is staying with Naomi overnight for the first time and when Naomi wakes in the morning, she finds Freya motionless at the bottom of the stairs. Naomi is pregnant with new partner Rupert's baby and in a moment of panic, she lies. She is terrified that she will be blamed and she will lose her new baby too. The sleeping tablets knock her out and she can't remember anything. Naomi calls the police and claims Freya is missing then hides Freya's body in an old World War 2 bunker that is on her property.

This then launches a search for Freya. Naomi knows she is dead but has to keep lying to the police. There were so many times that I just wanted to shout "What are you doing?!" to Naomi. 

You are just waiting for the police to find Freya and for the truth to come out. She is building lie upon lie and becoming more frantic. You feel the Naomi's emotions the whole way throughout and I could not have anticipated that ending.


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