Tuesday 18 May 2021

Live Well Every Day by Dr Alex George | Book Review

[AD/Gifted - I received a copy of this book in order to take part in a readalong. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.]

Live Well Every Day by Dr Alex George - 5/5
"Dr Alex is on a mission to empower us to make our own health choices, take positive control and feel equipped and inspired to make those small changes today that energise and future-proof for life.

'Health and happiness come from the cumulative effects of many small and positive daily changes to our lifestyle. It's about building sustainable and healthy habits - taking small and purposeful steps to a healthy future. By the end of the book, I hope my readers have developed their own "bespoke health toolkit" to be used across every aspect of their lives, and to make long-lasting and meaningful change.'

What you do consistently has a direct impact on your day-to-day health, your immune system, your mental health, your metabolism, your bone density, your heart health, your blood pressure, your energy levels and how you fight disease generally. Your lifestyle is often your body's biggest support system and the more robust you can make that the more you can rely on it to get you through every day. Think of it like your life insurance policy.

Live Well Every Day addresses the very modern health challenges of today's world - anxiety; social pressure and mental health; immune system health; how to be fit, flexible and eat well in a sedentary world; sexual health; gut health and more... Get the facts, pick your goals and take action with Dr Alex.

Small changes. Big results."

I have followed Dr Alex on Instagram for around three years now and I just think it's wonderful how he has used his new-found fame and growing platform following his television appearance.

Live Well Every Day, Dr Alex's first book, has been on my radar since it was announced and I was delighted to take part in the readalong with Adventures With Words.

Live Well Every Day is aimed to put us in charge of our own health. It is divided into seven chapters; Passion & Purpose, A Healthy Mind, Nutrition, Fitness & Flexibility, Recharge, Sex & Relationships and Taking Control Of Your Health. Dr Alex believes that each of these are fundamental areas of health. If we focus on keeping ourselves healthy when we are young, both mentally and physically, we are less likely to develop health problems when we are older.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone. Not only do we have information on how to keep ourselves healthy such as mindful eating habits, tips for a better bedtime routine and easy exercises to incorporate into our daily routine, but there are case studies and bits about Dr Alex's own experiences. It is great for people who don't know where to start.

I love that there are activities for us to do and blank pages for us to fill in like our health MOT, a food diary and movement diary. Some things I knew about myself already but reading about it in this context made me face it head on and now I know what to do to change things.

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