Friday 4 June 2021

The Stepsisters by Susan Mallery | Blog Tour Book Review

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The Stepsisters by Susan Mallery - 4/5
"Who better to mend a broken heart than your sister?

When Daisy’s dad married Sage's mum, Daisy was thrilled to get a new sister. Except Sage was beautiful and popular, everything Daisy was not, and she made sure Daisy knew it.

Sage found herself living in a palatial home where she felt she didn't belong. She didn't have her new sister’s intelligence so she used her popularity as a weapon, putting Daisy down at every opportunity. After the divorce, the stepsisters' rivalry continued until the final straw: Daisy married Sage's first love, and Sage fled to Europe.

Eighteen years later, Daisy never expects―or wants―to see Sage again. But brought together by an accident involving the little sister they have in common they must learn to put aside their differences. Slowly, the stepsisters begin to view the past through one another's eyes and long buried feelings are revealed. Until their fragile truce is threatened by one careless act that could have devastating consequences…"

I really enjoyed this book!

The Stepsisters follows Daisy, Sage and Cassidy.
Daisy is married to Jordan and they have two children; Krissa and Ben. Jordan has walked out on her without explanation. It is obvious that he wants to reconcile but changes need to be made. Daisy doesn't understand what changes they are and Jordan expects her to know why he is upset.

Sage, Daisy's stepsister has recently moved back to the area from Italy. She never properly settled down, she had been married three times, but it was always for money. They bump into each other at the side of the road one day after over a decade of not speaking. We learn that Sage was previously engaged to Jordan.

Following an accident in Patagonia, their shared sister Cassidy is moved into Daisy's family home, under their father's suggestion, as she needs some round the clock care. It is obvious that there are issues between Daisy and Cassidy. 

Cassidy has stayed "single" although it transpires that she has been having an on-off relationship for three years and isn't willing to commit properly. I like the differences in the three ladies relationship statuses. 

There are obviously a lot of buried secrets between the three sisters and things that they all believed about one another whilst they were younger, mostly stemming from (step)mother Joanne. You want to keep reading to find out what exactly has caused these rifts. There is definitely some rivalry between them and the three of them being back together forces them to revisit some truths.

I didn't particularly love any of the characters, Daisy was probably my favourite, but all of them grow on you as you read on. Yes, some of them make some choices that I didn't agree with but they all learn about the importance of communication and there is a lot of development from all of them.

All in all, this is a really great exploration of sibling relationships.

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