Wednesday 26 October 2022

Songs In Ursa Major by Emma Brodie | Book Review

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Songs in Ursa Major by Emma Brodie

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Publisher: HarperCollins

Publication date: 26th May 2022



Rising singer-songwriters Jane Quinn and Jesse Reid looked untouchable.

Captivating crowds in festival meadows, lighting up turntables, intoxicating fans from coast to coast.

It was a connection that inspired the greatest love songs.

But nothing lasts forever.

Beneath the hits that made them, a dark secret threatened to break them. Now it's time to hear the whole story, finally revealed in Jane's iconic album, Songs in Ursa Major...


Oh my god, this was beautiful! I went in expecting a standard romance novel but it is much more than that.

Jane Quinn, along with her band The Breakers, is called to fill in for star Jesse Reid at Folk Fest, following an accident on Jane's hometown of Bayleen Island. Whilst Jesse recovers, he and Jane strike up a friendship. He invites The Breakers on tour and thus ensues a romance until Jane discovers something about Jesse that she can't tolerate.

Both Jane and Jesse have a lot of trauma and this is a main focus in the book. The topics of mental health and drug use are tackled very well.

I absolutely loved the backdrop of Songs In Ursa Major. The 70s music scene, truth about women in the music industry when it comes to record labels and the emotion and passion in Brodie's words. It is poetic. I felt happy, I felt sad, I felt empathy.

Each character is fully fleshed out, I was immersed in their world. The fast forward to 2022 and how all of their lives turned out surprised me because it wasn't what I expected but I felt fully satisfied.

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