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Hello, I'm Rebecca. Decided to start up my own blog to capture those moments with my son that I don't want to forget.

A little (big!) bit of background...

In February 2012, my partner, Chris, and I found out we were expecting a baby. After a few tears (on both parts!) we couldn't wait for our little bundle of joy to arrive.

My pregnancy went absolutely perfectly. Scans all looked good and due to us being impatient, at our 20 week scan we were told we were having a baby boy!

Our 12 week scan

We did all the usual things; bought all the big items, a few cute outfits, and my best friend hosted a surprise baby shower for me!

Looking back, at the time of my baby shower, I was 33 weeks pregnant and my face, ankles, legs and hands were swelling. I thought nothing of it. I was heavily pregnant, weren't you supposed to bloat?

My wonderful baby shower

Gifts from our very generous friends and family

4 days after my shower, 20th September 2012, Chris was at work when the scariest thing happened. I couldn't see properly. My vision went blurry and I couldn't focus my eyes on anything. He wasn't due home for a few hours so I decided to just go to sleep.

The next morning, my vision was fine but Chris urged me to phone the maternity ward. He went off to work and I wasn't even going to bother phoning but I knew he'd be angry with me if I didn't.

I explained what happened and they asked me to call in so they could do a few checks. Chris was due home soon and I didn't want to go to the hospital on my own so I made myself lunch and got dressed.

My mother-in-law drove us to the hospital as neither of us drive. She couldn't stay as she had her own 2 little ones to see to. We arrived at 3.30pm and I was hooked up to an ECG machine for 30 minutes which took my blood pressure every 4 minutes. I was told my blood pressure was really high. After giving a urine sample, they discovered proteinuria. Along with the swelling, these were all big signs of pre-eclampsia.

Waiting for my ECG

I had to wait in the waiting room, for what felt like a lifetime, to see a consultant for a scan. I was 33 weeks + 2 days but measuring at 34 weeks + 5 days. She took blood from my hand and inserted a cannula "just in case". I had no idea what this meant at the time. I then saw another consultant for another scan (no idea why) and was brought to a ward until they got my blood results etc back.

On the ward, an old friends' mum was the midwife looking after me. She gave me a steroid injection in my bum to mature the baby's lungs and said "you know, you'll probably have to have the baby today". This was the first I'd been told. I panicked. I didn't even have my hospital bag packed! Would the baby be okay? Able to survive so early!? I sent Chris off home to get himself something to eat and pack a few things for me.

Lying in that bed on my own was the worst. I couldn't stop my body from shaking, literally vibrating, and I was so worried. I was brought to the delivery suite where Chris met me with my things and I changed into my nightdress. Because I was only 33 weeks and the intensity of the situation, there was no way that they could bring on labour naturally so I needed a Caesarian.

Minutes later the room was filled with people in scrubs. The 2 doctors who would be performing my section and 3 medical students. One doctor explained to Chris and I what exactly would be happening and told me about risks, complications and also said not to panic if the baby didn't cry when he was delivered as he was very small. All things which panicked me further. My nightdress was replaced with a gown and Chris was given one for over his clothes. The midwife attached at IV drip of magnesium sulphate in case I had a seizure (again, made me panic more!). A lovely anesthetist explained what way the spinal block worked and I was taken to theatre.

Chris had to wait outside until I'd had the spinal block. My body was so tense that I couldn't bend properly for her to insert the needle but after 3 tries, she got it. It took a few seconds for it to work then she tested it with an ice cube. Chris was then allowed in. A sheet was put up, I grabbed Chris's hand and I felt the doctors get to work. It really did feel like someone doing the dishes in your stomach. It took about 5 minutes for them to get the baby out and he started crying straight away. The doctors held him up for us to see him then the paediatrician took him. I had a little cry. Our little baby boy was born on 21st September 2012 (7 weeks early) at 22:51 weighing 4lbs 10.5oz. I was told it would take around half an hour to be stitched back up. Chris went over to see the baby and took a couple of photos for me. As the magnesium sulphate entered my vein, the affected area felt really hot. It was the worst when it was in my mouth. I felt so sick.

The first photos of our baby boy

Proud but very tired and shocked new mummy

The baby was taken upstairs to the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit and I went back to my own room in the delivery suite. Chris got to go and see the baby but I wouldn't be able to go until my drip had finished which ended up being when he was 2 days old! He progressed so well and only had a minor eye infection which lasted around 3 days. I had a 10 day hospital stay as they had to regulate my blood pressure (which I still have problems with) and our son, C, was discharged on the 7th October.

Now, we've got a fantastic 13lb 12oz cheeky monkey!

C now at 16 weeks + 3 days old

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  1. What a really moving post to share! i am so pleased everything went as well could be expected.

    I am honored you have linked up with #magicmoments xx

    1. Thank you Jaime. And thank you for inviting me to join in. I'm really looking forward to posting every week :) xx

  2. What a scary story but with a happy ending :) I'm glad it all worked out

  3. Glad to see your little one looking so well :)

    My sister gave birth to my nephew at 33 weeks - she went into labour naturally and it was terrifying watching from the sidelines so goodness knows how scared she was! He's now 4 years old (5 in August) and is so amazing no one would guess he was a preemie <3

  4. Aw Clare, that must have been really scary to see! It's so great that everything's okay now! :)

  5. ive just found your blog! Wow, what a story, I cant imagine how unexpected that mustve been!Im just coming up for 31 weeks and cannot imagine giving birth in two weeks! Although, I cant imagine giving birth full stop! Im glad to hear he was healthy and fine though. xx