Tuesday 23 April 2013

Failed trip to the park

Today, Chris and I had all intentions of taking C to the park early, but trying to get out of the house with a baby is a task and a half! 

We finally got around to leaving the house at around 3.30pm and picked up a couple of bacon & sausage baps (not healthy, I know, but we hadn't eaten all day!) and headed off to the park. C had fallen asleep on the walk there but we thought he'd wake up by the time we got to the kiddie park.

We got there and he was showing no signs of waking up. Chris gave him a little nudge and asked "Do you want to go on the swings?" to which C gave a smile and decided to go back to sleep so we gave up and decided to go home. Oh well, we'll try again soon!

I really love the three of us getting out of the house together. Chris works and goes to college so it's hard to find the time. We've decided to go and do something different any chance we get. Today was great. Actually being able to talk to each other while getting in some exercise and being out in fresh air!

C had his first taste of chocolate biscotti today. As per usual, he couldn't get it into his mouth quick enough!

4 comments on "Failed trip to the park"
  1. I love that last photo, hes all you cant see me can you?? Bless him such a cutie!! X

  2. Thanks Hannah, he's so funny lol x

  3. It's so hard to get out of the house, isn't it? Starting from next week, I have to get the toddler to nursery for two days a week which means getting him, me and the baby up and ready for 8am. I am dreading it!

  4. It's very hard! I don't envy you!!