Tuesday 21 January 2014

C at 16 months

I can't believe I'm writing another monthly update. How is he getting so big!? We haven't had many new experiences this month.

C rode in a trolley. Last time we did this he was very small and couldn't really keep himself upright. This time, he was very mischievous and once daddy's back was turned, he lifted a glass bottle of oyster sauce off of the shelf. Why he wanted oyster sauce, I do not know.

He's learned that he can get into his toy box by himself. This doesn't bode well for me because once I've tidied all of his toys away, he's straight back in pulling them all over the floor.

Now that C has established walking, he's given himself a new challenge - running! This never really ends well as he falls down but it doesn't seem to bother him. He just gets up and goes again. He's actually ended up falling into the TV stand and bruising his cheek, falling into his Fisher Price zebra and cutting his nose, and just the other day he fell into the post on the stairs which resulted in a huge bump and a little bit of a cut!

Lovely red mark on his forehead

He has become a proper character and is just constantly making his daddy and I laugh. I'll give you an example: One evening, I brought a pear pot into the living room for him and stood at our side table to open it. He ran over and tried to snatch it out of my hand because I wasn't going quick enough. I then went into the kitchen to pour out some of the juices and he ran after me. I took the lid off completely and put it in the bin. Well, C thought I'd thrown his pot in so he dropped to his knees and started searching in the bin for it. Kid loves his grub!

C has been obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for months. He has quite a few DVDs and I've recently found him laughing at certain bits. I kept an eye on it and realised that he was laughing at a part that was actually funny! Pete tells Donald to duck then says, "Get it? 'Cause you're a duck?" and C kills himself laughing! You'd swear he understood.

C has always been a mummy's boy when he's sleeoy. Chris has actually said, "daddy is for fun times and mummy is for sleepy times" and he's right. C now has his own way of letting me know that he's tired - he'll come over and hold my hand. It's so adorable but he screams bloody murder if I need to let go for a second.

He's also a budding musician -

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter or are on my Facebook friends list, you'll know that I take a lot of pictures of C. He has now decided that he loves the camera flash and smiles every time it goes. Perfect for me who wants a baby who looks happy and smiley all the time!

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