Tuesday 10 November 2015

KD UK Peppa's Musical Microphone - Review

I am super chuffed to be a part of the KD Mumbassador scheme. My kids love character products so I am seriously grateful for the opportunity.

One of the items that we have received is the Peppa Pig Musical Microphone. Both of my children absolutely adore Peppa Pig so I knew that this would go down a treat.

The musical microphone has a little image of Peppa herself on the top, something that C kept pointing out to me. He was just interested in singing into it to begin with until I taught him what each of the buttons do.

Down near the bottom you'll see the off switch but you can also slide it to the microphone or the question mark. If you switch it to the microphone, you can obviously use the microphone but the centre buttons do different things too.

The pink button will play well-known songs such a Ring o' Roses or Mary Had a Little Lamb (you just need to keep pressing to switch song), the green tick button and orange 'x' button will make different sounds and noises.

If you switch through to the '?', the microphone will switch off and the centre buttons will do different things than before. The pink button will give you a sound or fact alongside a question, your child will then select the tick or 'x' button, depending on which answer they want to give. The questions are ones like, "Rebecca Rabbit starts with the sound "ba". True or false?" or a drum noise would be playing and Peppa would state that it was a guitar then again, you'd choose the tick or 'x'.

I love the fact that such a small toy has a lot of activities. You have the microphone to sing and have fun but also a learning setting too, which is something that I always look for when I buy toys for the children.

Both children love it, although E is a little young to understand it fully, but she does love shouting into the microphone!

The Peppa Pig Musical Microphone retails at £11.99 which I think is very reasonable for what it actually does. 

You can find out more at the KD UK website and you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

(Disclaimer: We received this item as part of our role as a KD UK Mumbassador. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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