Monday 14 March 2016

E at 18 Months

I am so late with writing this post. E truly suffers from Second Child Syndrome. With C, I always made sure I had his updates published on the 21st of every month. E was born on the 5th and it's now the 14th and this post has just gone live - oops!

  Anyway, I sound like a broken record but I cannot believe that my baby is a whole year and a half old. Time - stop flying by!

It feels like in the space of a month she has turned into a little madam. She's getting cheekier and when we tell her off for something, she'll snap back with, "No!" Her facial expressions are brilliant too. If looks could kill! 

We've discovered that she is just as clumsy and accident prone as her daddy. When he was younger, he gathered a whole range of injuries - even being in a hospital quite a lot. In the space of a week, E has managed to fall over and bust her lip open twice - in the same place! 

E used to be a really good eater and started to go off her food a little. I freaked out a bit and thought she was starting to follow in her brother's footsteps and was becoming a picky eater but her appetite has come back in full force. She's been drooling a lot so I think I'll put the appetite loss down to teething. Speaking of teeth, she has 8 now with 9 and 10 coming through. They don't seem to bother her too much.#

Her speech is incredible. She really tries to copy everything we say with her new favourite being, "look!" whilst pointing at something. "Shoe" and "sock" are new words. There are probably tons more but I haven't been keeping track - bad mummy! She understands more than she can say. If I ask her if she'd like something, like a banana, she'll nod her head or when I'm filling her juice cup up, I'll ask her to go into the living room and bring me her brother's cup in. She'll do it no problem.

E is obsessed with Frozen and Peppa Pig. Frozen, mostly. When we go shopping and she sees anything with Anna or Elsa on, she'll point and tell me "Look! Anna!" or "Elsa!" She might not be able to have a conversation but she attempts to sing Let It Go and Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? For Let It Go she only really knows how to sing "go!" and "any more!" but we're getting there. For Do You Wanna Build a Snowman she'll only say "man" but at the end where Elsa tells Anna to go away and Anna replies with "okay, bye" - E repeats that every time! 

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She is really showing her little personality now and I love it. She is so funny.

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