Wednesday 16 March 2016

Siblings: March 2016

For the past few months, I felt like I was kind of repeating myself when it came to these Siblings posts. I did write a lot about how C and E would bicker, fight, push each other over, pull hair and all the rest of it but this month has been an absolute dream. I think they've just discovered a new found love for each other.

E is becoming a bit more chatty and understanding of what others are saying which I think helps. They are always hugging and giving each other kisses. C can be pretty agressive by demanding, "Get me a hug!" which E is more than happy to oblige with most of the time. C loves to grab her hand and tell me that she wants to go for a walk with him, as if he can read her mind! But it's nice that he's so caring towards her. He knows that he's the big brother and she'll learn things from him.

One of my favourite things that I noticed this month is how they look out for each other. E can come to me and ask for juice so when I ask her to go get me her cup she always brings C's too. This goes for snacks and other items too. She always makes sure C has the same and he'll do the same. He watches to make sure E has some of what he has too.

They also just want to spend so much time together. They love cuddling up and watching movies and having little parties. They've been an absolute pleasure to watch and I feel like my heart could burst. I just hope it continues! 

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