Monday 27 June 2016

Look in my Letterbox #61

Last week was so, so busy for post. Especially with wins. I've been entering so much more lately so it's nice writing these posts every week as it's spurs me on to comp more over the following week. So, here's what arrived! I'm linking up, again, with Alice-Megan's Look in my Letterbox linky.

Num Noms
 I have been desperately trying to win some of these for what feels like forever. A couple of weeks ago, we won one single surprise tub but I really wanted the deluxe pack. My friend Jenna (Chic Geek Diary) actually won these and gave them my address as she already had loads. How lovely!

I won this from The Mumington Post. I am over the moon! This will be perfect for date nights. 
Vital Baby bib and mat
This was a little Twitter win. It will be great for a friend of mine who is expecting.
I won these on Instagram and you got to pick your own prize. This print is technically boys but E rocks them!
I won one of these months ago on Twitter. After about a month had passed I chased it up and eventually received it but now this one has come too?
This was a Twitter win too and oh my goodness, they are huge! We, of course, made s'mores. There are still tons left!
Dory Lunch Bag
I won this on Twitter too. C and E are obsessed with Finding Nemo so this will be perfect for C when he starts preschool in September.
Frozen bike
A couple of weeks ago, you might remember me posting about winning a bike for C. Well, I've only gone and won one for E too - Frozen, no less! She is obsessed with Frozen and I honestly can't believe my luck. I won this on Instagram from Smyths toys. I haven't opened it out yet but it's this bike.
I Am Not A Dinosaur book
A surprise win from Primary Times! I love when they just turn up. C will absolutely love this.
Another Twitter win! I'm actually sending this to Jenna (who sent me the Num Noms) as she's currently stocking up for when she has baby number two - whenever that may be!

I won a £20 Amazon voucher on Twitter and since they took the Toy Story movies off Netflix, I had to get them for the kids. I had £8 left over so put an extra £2 towards my order and got Deadpool too.

Upsy Daisy dress 

We were sent this from an Instagram boutique to promote them. I will do a little post on the blog this week too.

Did you receive anything nice last week?
1 comment on "Look in my Letterbox #61"
  1. Fantastic prizes ! we have a few num noms they have just brought out series 2 which looks awesome. We recently watched Deadpool I've not laughed and cringed that much in ages such a brilliant film. #LIML