Thursday 2 June 2016

What I've Won: May 2016

These are my favourite ever posts to write. I understand that some people may not be interested or even think I could be bragging but I write them because firstly, I like to look back and compare to previous years/months and secondly, I hope I can persuade some people to start entering competitions. It's the best hobby ever - aside from blogging, obviously!

May 2016 was my best ever month for comping since I started a little over four years ago. I started tracking my wins in January 2014 (they showed Dec 2013's win) so I have two years worth of posts to compare to. In May 2014 I won 14 prizes worth a total of £742.48 and in May 2015 I won 8 prizes £242.99. 

I'll let you read on to see how I've fared this month. I will say though, that I only had one day in May where I didn't win a prize. I won at least one every other day, including weekends! Usually that's unheard of for me.

Anyway, here goes. What I won in May 2016:

1) JCB Play Box (RRP £14.99) from JCB Kids
This was simple Twitter 'retweet to win'. I took part in the Twitter party that JCB Kids held the week before then entered one of their giveaways that followed and won! C is very much into diggers at the moment so I knew he'd be so chuffed with it.
2) Shaped crayons (RRP £6.00) from Craytastic Fun
Shaped crayons! How fun are these? These came from a little Facebook giveaway. 
3) £100 laser tattoo removal from Zap the Ink
This was a simple question and answer giveaway on Facebook from a local tattoo removal place. Chris had begun a few sessions elsewhere but wasn't impressed with the results so stopped going. He still hasn't gotten round to booking in with this one but I hope it will work out better!

4) Paddy's Bathroom hair and body wash (RRP £3.00) from Your Baby Club
I won this by simply writing the phrase that Your Baby Club asked for in the comment section of their giveaway on Facebook. I love the Paddy's Bathroom range and it's a handy little win.

5) Cookies & Fluff handmade marshmallows (RRP £3.95) from This Mummy Loves
I love a foodie win! Cookies & Fluff had quite a few different flavours to choose from and I went for bakewell tart. They didn't last very long and were absolutely beautiful.

6) Father's Day gift (RRP £14.95) from Krafty Chicks
This was another Facebook giveaway and I was able to choose a product of my choice. With Father's Day coming up, I spotted this gorgeous plaque on their website and thought it would be nice to gift to Chris from E. He doesn't read my blog so he won't see this and spoilt the surprise!

7) Octonauts toys (RRP £38.98) from Smyths Toys
Smyths Toys run some amazing giveaways on their social media accounts. I retweeted every competition tweet they posted for these Octonauts sets and was lucky enough to win. I won two huge Octonauts playsets a few months ago and put them away for C's birthday. These have been put away alongside them.
8) Star Wars stickers (RRP £5.98) from Anker International
I won these in Anker's May the 4th Be With You giveaway on Facebook. C loves Star Wars and stickers so they were perfect for him to get a bit crafty.

9) Denim shirt dress (RRP £17.99) from Select Fashion
I haven't yet taken a flat photo of this or one of my wearing it but you can take a look at what it looks like here. I love it! It was a simple RT win on Twitter.
10) Protein bars (RRP £4.80) from Mars Milk
One of my Facebook friends tagged me in this giveaway. The first 20 people to answer a question correctly got 2 bars each to try and I was in those 20. They are actually quite nice!
11) £5 spend at @charlieswardrobex
I love my Instagram shops and I am constantly buying so a little discount is always nice! I put it towards a Spanish-style dress for E. I am so excited for it to arrive. 

12) Dinosaur book (RRP £5.99) from Mojo Mums
I was so pleased with this win. C loves dinosaurs and finding out new facts about them. This is a type of dinosaue that he didn't know much about so he was very happy. 
13) Reed diffuser (RRP £25.00) from Style Made Simple
I love candles and smellies so winning this gorgeous Sophie Allport one was fab. I chose Freshly Cut Grass and oh my goodness, it smells amazing!

14) Beauty bundle (RRP £250+) from What Emma Did
This is my biggie of the month and I couldn't believe it when I opened it all out!

15) Smashbox mascara from Powder
This is more of a freebie than a win seeing as they had 3000 to give away but I'll include it!

16) Rainbow fairy door (RRP £9.00) from Mystical Forest Creations
I won this in a loop giveaway run on Facebook. It is so my style and I absolutely love it. I think it will go in E's room when it's all done up.

17) Flower letter (RRP £20.00) from Crystal Text Company
I won this in a flash giveaway on Facebook. I think it was only run for a few hours. I just had to choose E to go in E's room!
18) Finding Dory plush toys (RRP £54.95) from Bandai UK
The kids absolutely love Finding Nemo so when I saw this giveaway on Facebook I just had to enter. When they arrived E took an instant liking to Dory and Nemo!
19) My Little Pony: Princess Twilight Sparkle DVD (RRP £7.99) from Hodge Podge Days
My Little Pony is one of those shows that is always on my TV. Both kids love it.
20) Dentinox products (RRP £10.48) from A Mum Reviews
I won some eye wipes and medicine dispenser. I have a friend who is expecting a baby in September so I think they'll go to her.

21) Superhero Dad book (RRP £6.99) from Toppsta
Yay! My first Toppsta win of the month. This is such a lovely book and we read it a lot. I would definitely recommend it.

22) 10 Funky Giraffe bibs (RRP £20.00) from Whinge Whinge Wine
I love Funky Giraffe! Their bibs are amazing!

23) Disney goody bag (RRP approx. $75.00/£52.00) from Thomson Holidays
This was a Twitter win where you had to tell Thomson which Disney characters you'd love to meet to win a Disney goody bag. I chose Anna, Elsa and Olaf and attached a photograph of E and C dressed as Elsa and Olaf. I didn't know what to expect from the goody bag but we all absolutely love it! I didn't think it would be this good.
24) Mug (RRP £11.95) from Baby Yorke Designs
Apologies for no photograph as this hasn't arrived yet. It's a cute white mug with "Whoever said diamonds were a girl's best friend hasn't tried prosecco!" Love it!
25) HEXBUG (RRP £6.99) from HEXBUG
This was an easy little Twitter win. HEXBUG asked a question with two different answers. You had to like the tweet if you thought the first answer was correct or retweet if you thought it was the second one. As soon as it arrived, C was so excited and thinks it's great!

26) LALABOX (RRP £12.35) from LALALAB
This is a little box of photo prints. I am always snapping pictures of my kids so I love wins like this.
27) Num Noms mystery pot (RRP £2.99) from Num Noms UK
Nom Noms had a drawing competition on Twitter. It was relatively low entry. All you had to do was draw a Num or Nom. C drew Orange Swirl and was lucky enough to be chosen as a winner. He has seen Num Noms advertised on TV and in Toys R Us and really wanted some. He loves it and I'll definitely be buying more for his birthday.
28) Black and White book (RRP £4.99) from Toppsta
A second Toppsta win! These are cute little baby books. I think E will love them.
29) Teeny Beanies t-shirt (RRP £7.50) from Teeny Beanies
This was a really low entry Twitter giveaway where you had to tweet them a photo of your little fairy or little monkey to win either a fairy or monkey t-shirt. I think there were only two entries! I opted for a fairy one for E as C already has the monkey one!
30) I love... cosmetics bundle (RRP £25.00) from I love...
 This was an Instagram win run on Superdrug's IG account. I Love... took over their account for the day, ran a giveaway and I was so happy I won. I think it was high entry! I love their stuff. The minty choc chip gel smells good enough to eat.
31) Handmade leggings (RRP £16.00) from @marysmachine 
This was another Instagram win where you got to choose your prize. I went for teal coloured leggings with woodland animals on them. I think they're supposed to be "boys" but E will rock them.
32) Frozen toy boxes (RRP £49.99) from Posh Bananas UK
This is probably one of my favourite wins of the month. E is obsessed with Frozen and she has a serious amount of toys. She currently shares toy boxes with her brother so she will think they're great. They are due to arrive on Saturday but you can take a peek at them here.
33) Mummy and daughter matching t-shirts (RRP £17.00) from Hot Off The Press Designz
I love matching clothes for me and E. It may seem cheesy or tacky but she's my mini me and I love it! I saw a giveaway being run on Facebook to win a matching set of "Boss Lady" and "Mini Boss" t-shirts so had to enter. I couldn't believe that I actually won! I can't wait to receive them.
34) Room on DVD (RRP £15.00) from Chez Maximka
I usually only enter for kids DVD's but I've heard such great reviews about this film and it just sounds brilliant. I can't wait to watch it.
35) Fox hairclip (RRP £6.50) from @blossomwoodboutique 
Another Instagram win for my this month. It is the cutest. It's not arrived yet but you can look at it here. E loves her hair accessories so I know she'll be wanting to wear it as soon as it comes.
36) Playmobil set (RRP £2.99) from Mummy To The Max
C has no Playmobil at the moment but as it's usually for age 4+ I had planned on getting him some for his birthday. I won the little Girl with Goats set so I think I'll have to get a big set to match it.
37) Mug (RRP £9.00) from ShMug
 I won this in another loop giveaway on Facebook. It's such a cute little mug and I love the quote.
38) Daddy's little sidekick t-shirt (RRP £6.00) from @rj_apparel
Yep, another Instagram win! Again, it's not arrived so you can take a look here. I went for the blue t-shirt for C. He's his daddy's little sidekick so it's perfect for him.
39) Fireman super soaker backpack (RRP £12.95) from Maps Toys
My friend got C a little fireman hat and fire extinguisher a couple of weeks ago and C thinks it's the best thing ever. I spotted this giveaway where you got to choose from a police backpack or fireman one and I knew from C's love of his costume that fireman would be his favourite. I can't wait to see his wee face when it gets here. He just better not soak me with it! Here's a pic if you want a nosey!
40) Cinderella plush doll (RRP £16.95) from Sky Movies
Sky Movies has a princess weekend and had a few different prizes to give away. E loves her princesses so I'm sure she will adore her.

41) Jumbo Darth Vader Itty Bitty (RRP £100) from Hallmark UK & Ireland
I won this in a May the 4th Be With You giveaway. When they said jumbo I expected it to be just a little bigger than the regular palm sized Itty Bitty's. I couldn't believe my eyes when it arrived. C thought it was amazing!
Amazing! I honestly cannot believe that I did so well. In total I won 40 prizes worth a total of £1,002.19! I'm on a bit of a high at the minute and I definitely don't think I'll beat it this month. We are almost two days in and I've already won two things so we'll see!

Did you win anything nice in May?

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  1. Wow! What a month. Well done! You had some wonderful wins. I love that (not so) Itty Bitty. It's so cool. C and E will have so much fun with all those wins.

  2. Well done, you've had a bumper month good luck for June !