Wednesday 6 July 2016

E at 22 Months

Wehh, another month has passed. There is only two months until her second birthday and I still haven't a single thing planned.
I say this a lot but as she's my second child, I do compare her to her older brother. Her speech is increasing quite amazingly. I can almost have full conversations with her and she can explain how she feels and what she wants well. She is like a sponge so I think having an older brother and us talking around her a lot means that she is learning lots every day.

She adores princesses and all things girly - which I love - but she loves "boy toys" (I hate that phrase as I believe toys are gender neutral, but you get what I mean!) like dinosaurs and cars. The Toot Toot Drivers track and Thomas the Tank Engine train set are probably her favourite toys at the moment.

E has become obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Her brother was exactly the same at her age. She can recognise and say all the characters and likes trying to tell me what's happening in each episode that she watches.

She loves having baths - she calls it splashies - but hates having her hair washed. She screams, cries and tries to climb out. After all the faff, I can never get her out! She especially loves splashing water around her big brother.

She has learned to click her tongue which is a source of major annoyance for me. She walks around the house not even realising that she's doing it! She has learned how to sing "Twinkle Twinkle" in her own little way and even had her first ever ride on one of those little supermarket rides - she adored it! She's tried her hands at making her own pizza! We've been doing a lot of dressing up and she always asks to be Anna or Elsa.

If you follow me on social media or read my blog regularly you'll know that I am always buying clothes and accessories for her. She's since developed a major love for bows (which she calls "pretties") and shoes! If her love of shoes continues then I feel sorry for her daddy when she's a teenager. Her facial reactions are the best and she's already a little diva.

She is still a fantastic eater which I am loving. At toddler age, C got a bit fussy so I'm so happy that I don't have to be making a completely separate meal for her at dinner. Recently she is preferring walking to being in the buggy. I can't wait to be pram-free!

She wears 2-3 year old clothing which she has been in for a while now. With her big brother potty trained now, she has been learning a lot from him. She has come up to me a few times saying "nappy poo!" so I do think she'll be training sooner than C did! 

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