Tuesday 12 July 2016

What I've Won - June 2016

June was a relatively good month for me although I don't think I actually got my first win until we were two weeks in.

1) Bows (RRP £1.99) from Kels Unique Bows
 If you're a regular reader or follow me on social media, you'll know how much E and I love our bows. These are my favourite types of win. I buy so much anyway so it's nice to win some too!

2) Daddy cushion (RRP £18.00) from Cheeky Little Stitches
 This was a cute little win that arrived just in time for Father's Day. C has claimed it for his own bed though as he thinks it's so comfy.

3) Caramel scented candle (RRP £10.00) from Simple Candle Co
I love my smellies and always have candles or reed diffusers dotted around. I can't wait to receive this. I've never had a caramel candle before but I bet it smells good.
4) Marshmallows (RRP £8.00) from Innovative Bites
 They are bloody huge! We've only made s'mores with them so far but we all are enjoying them. I love foodie wins.

5) Bows (RRP £4.00) from pigtailsandpixiesbowtique
More bows - hooray! E hasn't worn these yet but they are gorgeous colours for summer.
6) Bear Cub Bakers book (RRP £6.99) from Toppsta
 This is such a cute little book. It reminds me of the Great British Bake Off and it even has a little recipe at the back for your kids to try.

7) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figurines (RRP £12.95) from Disney Junior
 Every Tuesday, Disney Junior do a tea party at 11am with prizes to give away. I have tried for months to win and it finally happened! The kids absolutely adore these.

8) Bike and Biky Biky vest (RRP £6.94) from Biky Biky
 I haven't got a picture of the bike built up but it's the Urchin bike from Halfords if anyone wants to nosey! C has been asking for a "big boy bike" for his upcoming 4th birthday so I couldn't believe my luck when I actually won one. The vest looks really cool too for teaching him how to ride.

9) £50 voucher for Baby Mori from Annabel Karmel
This was a little Instagram competition that my friend Jenna at Chic Geek Diary tagged me in. I tagged her back and we both won a share of £100 to spend at the site. I love that their clothes cater for children up to 3 years old so I chose E two pairs of leggings and two cardigans and just had to put £2 towards it. They are the softest clothes ever. They'd be perfect for a newborn.

10) Goodnight Spaceman book (RRP £6.99) from BookTrust
C has been really into space lately because of Space Week on CBeebies so this book win was perfect timing. He loves it.
11) Mum on the Go pack (RRP £1.49) from Vital Baby
This was a simple little Twitter win. It will be perfect for a friend of mine.
12) Organix Puffcorn (RRP £3.00) from Janine's Little World
We love Organix snacks but the kids have never tried these before. They'll be perfect for family movie night whilst Chris and I have proper popcorn.
13) Swaddle blanket (RRP £15.00) from Bambini & Me
This is so cute! I've sent it to a friend to use with her newborn.
14) Sylvanian Families figure sets (RRP £33.98) from TellTails
We only own one small Sylvanian Familes set and the kids love it. I had planned on getting them some more bigger sets for their birthdays/Christmas so these will tie in nicely.
15) CBeebies Playtime DVD (RRP £6.99) from Love From Mim
I've spoken loads on the blog about how much C and E love Cbeebies. Now we can watch it even after 7, ha!
16) £20 Amazon voucher from Assist Resourcing
Assist Resourcing run this giveaway on Twitter every weekend so I was chuffed to finally win. I bought the kids the Toy Story boxset and Deadpool for myself.
17) Lindy Bop dress (RRP £10.00) from The Mumington Post
I love Lindy Bop so I had to enter this giveaway. I was so happy to have won. Just need Chris to take me out for date night!
18) Finding Dory lunch bag (RRP £4.95) from Universal Textiles
The kids love Finding Nemo and I can't wait to take them to see Finding Dory. This will be perfect for C this year.
19) Louise Parker Method: Lean for Life (RRP £20.00) recipe book from Food Network
I love my cookbooks and I really need to lose weight and get myself fit again so I reckon I'll be cooking from it a lot.
20) I am not a dinosaur Book (RRP £10.99) from Primary Times
This is book that is right up C's street! He's been asking tons of questions lately so he'll love learning.
21) Euro 2016 football (RRP £18.95) from Utopia Bathrooms
I entered so many competitions to win one of these footballs and finally got my hands on one from a low entry Instagram giveaway.
22) Personalised bow (RRP £3.50) from Tailored With Love
Another bow! I absolutely love this one and I know she'll wear it a lot. I'm a sucker for anything personalised.
23) Festival bundle (RRP £25.00) from Poundland
Poundland do quite a lot of social media competitions but they always get thousands of entries so I never thought I'd have a chance of winning. I'm not sure what this comprises of but I'm guessing little bits like wipes, dry shampoo etc. We'll soon find out!
24) Frozen bike (RRP £89.99) from Smyths
As if winning C a bike earlier this month wasn't enough, I won E one too! I honestly cannot believe my luck. She is obsessed with Frozen too so it is perfect!
25) Nenuco Bathtime Doll (RRP £19.99) from Toytesters.tv
E loves her dolls - we have 3 at the moment! - but none that she can take in the bath. She's gonna love her.
26) Mega Bloks Barbie Car (RRP £16.99) from Oypla
This is one of those competitions that after I entered I kept my fingers crossed tightly for. I was so happy to win it.
27) Baby travel mobile (RRP £9.99) from East Coast Nursery
How cute! It's almost making me wish I was pregnant again! I've sent this to a pregnant friend too.
28) Football rug (RRP £89.99) from Little Helper
I love this so much! C loves football so it will be perfect for his room.

29) Speaker (RRP £24.99) from JuiceOfficialUK
I won this in a simple Instagram comment competition. I've given it to my sister as she's more likely to get use out of it.
30) Lalaloopsy Peanut Big Top dolls (RRP £16.99) from Lalaloopsy
 So chuffed with this little win! I've put it away for E's birthday. I love Lalaloopsy.

31) Meal for two at Nandos voucher from Nandos Bedford Street
We love Nandos and I won this on my local store's Facebook page for guessing the correct score of the France v Romania Euros match!

So in June 2016 I won 31 prizes worth a total of £588.64 and because I love a comparison...in June 2015 it was 10 prizes worth £455.24 and for June 2014 I won 16 prizes worth £381.94 so it has improved quite a lot! I'm going in the right direction.

Did you win anything nice in June?
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