Tuesday 13 September 2016

C's First Week at Preschool

Back in April, I wrote about C being accepted into our first choice of preschool. We had a feeler session before the summer where he got to have a play in the room and outside area and see what it was all about. He absolutely loved it and all summer he was constantly asking, "Can I go to school today?" so last Sunday he was super excited to go bed knowing that the following day, he'd finally be going.

His preschool staggered start dates as they wanted to get the older children in and settled because they find that the younger children seem more at ease when they come in after. C was to start on the first day as he would be one of the oldest in the class. He was set to do 9.00-10.30 on Monday and Tuesday, 9.00-11.30 on Wednesday and Thursday then Friday onwards would be a full day of 9.00-12.15.

On Monday morning, we woke him at 7. He loves his sleep so he wasn't for getting up until I mentioned school. He bounced out of bed excitedly and couldn't wait to get his uniform on. When we brought him to school, I fully expected to be in tears but I surprised myself, probably because of how calm and collected C was. We had a little Welcome Pack to fill in with C over the summer, one of the activities was getting him to recognise his symbol for where he was supposed to hang his coat. He spotted it right away and hung his coat and schoolbag up. They had everyones symbols Velcro-ed onto the door and as they walked in, they had to choose theirs and put it in a little pouch (sort of like a sign in system). C took his and looked at us for reassurance which made me feel a little sad but once he put it in and said goodbye, he walked in happily with his teacher.

As he was only in for a short time, Chris and I took a walk to get a hot chocolate and by the time we walked back it was time to collect C. E was being very grumpy and refusing to talk to us as she missed him so much! Apparently he had settled in really quickly and the teacher asked if we'd like to leave him a little longer the following day. He came out with a massive smile on his face and couldn't wait to go back the next day.

The second day was equally as good and we were told upon collecting him that he was doing so well that he was ready for full days already. I couldn't believe it. Again, he came out beaming and told me that he'd played with some Peppa Pig toys and had toast and milk. He had tons of pictures that he had drawn for me too - my mother in law warned me to get a massive box for them all! The rest of the first full week went as well as the first two. He was telling me the names of some of his friends but also let me know that the teacher had told him off for running in the classroom!

We go to my parents on a Saturday so he didn't really miss preschool then but he woke at 6.30 on Sunday morning crying his eyes out because he wanted to go. Yesterday, he had a great day and I was so proud that he was taking to school so well.

When I picked him up today, the teacher obviously saw me but called every other child out to their parents before C so I knew he'd done something naughty. We made it 7 days without anything happening which, to be honest, was pretty good going for him. C isn't a naughty child but he can get frustrated and can blow his top quite easily. She told me that C had got a little worked up today and that he was in the Quiet Room. He had destroyed another boy's sandcastle when they were playing in the sandpit. She had asked him to say sorry but he refused and threw a proper kicking and screaming tantrum including throwing sand at other children. I was absolutely mortified when she was telling me. C told her that she had made him upset and angry which she said was good because he was able to communicate his feelings with her. 

When she brought him out to me, he threw his arms around me and sobbed his heart out and told me he wanted to play outside, obviously because he knew he didn't get to finish his outside time. On the walk home, I explained that he needs to listen and do what the teachers say and also be nice to others. He didn't like being taken away from his friends and toys and that would happen again if he was naughty. He calmed down lots and told me that he would be good tomorrow.

Now, understandably, I am worrying about what tomorrow will bring but I'm hoping that he sticks to his promise!

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  1. Aww! Bless him! It sounds like he got off to a fantastic start. Pre-school is such a big change for little one's. He at least understands what he did was wrong. Good luck for tomorrow x