Wednesday 21 September 2016

What I've Won - August 2016

I honestly cannot believe that we are another month into 2016. I'm already planning Christmas and I can still remember last Christmas like it was yesterday - can time slow down please? Speaking of Christmas, now is when I really try my hardest to win bits that I can include in with Christmas gifts. I usually have a budget when it comes to giving gifts and anything that I win can be added in as extra. I don't want to be completely cheap!

Anyway, as we are now well into September (sorry this post is so late!), here's what I won last month.

1) Babyblooms pregnancy milestone cards (RRP £10.00) from My Petit Canard
I entered these to send to Jenna at Chic Geek Diary. I've known about her pregnancy from the start so I'd been trying to win her baby bits. They are absolutely beautiful.

2) Um Bongo goodies from Um Bongo
I won these in a simple comment giveaway on Facebook. I wasn't sure what I'd receive but C loves the cups and keyrings and now that I'm writing this, I realise that I haven't yet spent the vouchers! I haven't had Um Bongo since I was a kid!

3) Suicide Squad t-shirt and temporary tattoos (£20.00) from Empire Cinemas
 Harley Quinn is my favourite ever comic book character so I was desperate to win some merchandise from the Suicide Squad movie. Empire Cinemas were hosting quite a few Suicide Squad giveaways on their Twitter page so I was over the moon to win. I wasn't sure what kind of t-shirt they'd send and expected that it would be a men's one that I'd have to give to Chris. Imagine my delight when it was a Harley Quinn one and in my size too! I can't say I'll use the temporary tattoos myself but C will like them.

4) Disney Infinity figure (RRP £6.99) from Mega Mag
 Mega Mag were giving random prizes away for about a week on Twitter and I won one! I will be giving this as a gift.

5) Harley Quinn Funko Pop (RRP £9.99) from UK Film Reviews
After winning the Suicide Squad items above, winning this was just amazing! I've recently started collecting Funko Pops so she's fitting in nicely. This was a really low entry Facebook giveaway that I actually found via Instagram. The company had promoted it on there under the #competition hashtag. I had been spending quite a bit of time looking on there for low entry comps (and quickly scrolling past the *ahem* adult images) and it seems to be paying off.

6) Suicide Squad hat and playing cards (RRP £20.00) from LA Muscle
This was another Facebook one that I found through Instagram. It was low entry and there were five winners!

7) Babymel snack pouch and Sophie the Giraffe keyring from Babymel
 Babymel hosted a lucky dip giveaway through Woobox on Facebook. There were 50 winners and to be honest, I'd forgotten I'd entered until I got the winning email! I didn't know what I'd be receiving but the little keyring is cute and the snack sack will be great for when we are out with the kids.
8) Personalised book (RRP £9.99) from I Just Love It
I won this on Instagram in a simple follow, like and comment giveaway. I'm not going to post a pic as I'm giving it as a gift - sorry!

9) 3 month American candy subscription (RRP £20.97) from A Taste of the States
 I absolutely love American candy so this is such a brilliant win! I'm really excited to receive my first box. They run tons of competitions on Facebook so check them out.

10) A pack of XXX Mints (RRP £1.49) from XXX Mints
 XXX Mints were giving away so many of their packs of mints throughout the 2016 Olympics. All you had to do was comment on any of their posts with your support messages for Team GB.

11) Rose gold bracelet (RRP £15.00) from Jon Richard
 I have been entering Jon Richard giveaways on Facebook and Twitter for ages and couldn't believe it when I finally won. I'm saving it for when Chris and I get married as it will match my dress beautifully.

12) Miffy dinner set (RRP £18.50) from Miffy UK
 Miffy had a Twitter party and as much as I worry I'll be wasting time for nothing - I won! E absolutely loves Miffy so it was time well spent.
13) Pregnancy milestone cards (£13.95) from The Bump Company
 Yep - I won more! I will be gifting these :)

14) Elsa print (RRP £17.50) from Looby Doo Letters
 This was a giveaway that was being run over both Facebook and Instagram. You could choose any Disney Princess and the print is actually made up of little butterflies. Of course I had to choose Elsa as E loves her!

15) Tealight holder from Aldiss
 I love winning homewares and I love having candles around the house. This was a Twitter follow and retweet win. I really like that it's a natural colour so I can put it anywhere.

16) Lily O'Briens chocolate hamper (RRP £32.70) from Attachment Mummy
 I am a massive chocoholic so this is amazing! I have to admit that there isn't much of it left. It's dangerous being left at home with me! I'd never actually tried Lily O'Briens before but it's delicious and I'll definitely buy it again.

17) Gold bow (RRP £3.00) from Marylin's Crafts
 As you all probably know I am forever buying E bows. This was a flash giveaway being run on Facebook which meant it was super low entry!
18) Craft glitter (RRP £14.00) from Trimcraft
I won this on Instagram in one of their Win It Wednesday giveaways. All I had to do was leave a comment saying what I'd use them for. 
19) Fake tan (RRP £12.48) from Make Believe
This was another Instagram comment win. I'm not a big wearer of fake tan but my sister is so I've gifted these to her!
20) Thomas the Tank Engine scooter (RRP £19.99) from Thomas & Friends magazine
 This was a surprise win that turned up. I'd entered it from Thomas & Friends magazine via a postcard in C's name. How amazing!
21) Cupcake toppers (RRP £5.00) from Lemonade Occasions
 I won these just in time for E's birthday! They are super cute and perfect for a little princess. 
22) A handmade oilcloth bib/apron (RRP £6.00) from Dolly and Beau
 I won this from an Instagram store in a loop giveaway. It's not yet arrived but it will be perfect for E when she's painting.
23) Flower girl dress (RRP £49.99) from Roco Clothing
 This was another Instagram comment win. I couldn't believe my luck! I'm getting a little ahead of myself as Chris and I aren't even engaged yet so I got it in a few sizes up - haha!
24) Crocs Finding Dory bundle (RRP £142.93) from Rock N Roller Baby
 Oh my goodness, what an amazing prize bundle! The kids (especially E) are obsessed with their new Dory Crocs and the Vue cinema cards are worth £50!
25) Brief Encounters boxset (RRP £12.99) from Noctis Mag
 I loved watching this series on ITV on Monday nights and I knew when it ended that I wanted a copy of it all on DVD. Totally chuffed that I managed to win it!
26) Friyay t-shirt (RRP £15.50) from Lennie & Co
 I've been a follower of Lennie & Co on Instagram for a while now but hadn't yet bought any of their items. I was so thrilled to win this and I might actually buy some matching ones for me and E!
27) Date night box (RRP £30.00) from Just Us Box
 I am so excited to receive this! Chris and I find it hard to have proper date nights with two little ones so I can't wait to try it out.
28) Cowshed skincare bundle (RRP £25.00) from Glossybox
 Another Instagram win! This was a comment and tag a friend one. I am not big on my skincare but I really need to start so this is a lovely one.
29) Doodle Girl book (RRP £5.99) from Toppsta
 Hooray - a Toppsta win! Usually I win C books so E was pleased that this one was for her. It has a pull out page to colour in which she really enjoyed.
30) Mint Chocolate tea (RRP £4.25) from Jollybrew
 I love my tea so to find a mint choc flavour is amazing! They included an additional Earl Grey bag too which was so lovely!
31) Gruffalo game (RRP £9.99) from Suburban Mum
C has loved the Gruffalo from a young age and I've really wanted to get him playing more games so this will be perfect for him. He'll really enjoy it.
32) Lion Guard mask from Disney Junior
 I won this in one of the tea parties that Disney Junior host on Facebook every Tuesday. It may just be a cardboard mask but the kids love it!

So, in August 2016 I won 32 prizes worth £554.19 and because I love comparisons - in August 2015 it was 24 prizes worth £229.29 and 5 prizes worth £119.82 in August 2014 so we're going in the right direction!

Did you win anything nice last month?
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  1. Wow you had an amazing month well done ! I won £8000 worth of prizes from Dreams last month I'm still buzzing about it now. I've got a giveaway running for an American candy bundle on my blog till the end of the month if you fancy entering x