Sunday 23 October 2016

Halloween & Autumnal Crafts with Baker Ross

We have been Baker Ross Bloggers for just over two years now - half of C's life! He has always been into arts and crafts and gets so excited when he receives his parcel. He automatically recognises the logo on the box and can't wait to get stuck in.

We recently received a box of crafts items themed around Halloween and Autumn. Halloween is C's favourite time of year and he has been learning all about Autumn at preschool this month so he's always telling me about the leaves changing colour and falling from the trees. It was the perfect box for him.

Inside our box was:

We started off with our fibre tip pens and Day of the Dead bags, mostly because I wanted to colour one in too! I love that the pens come in packs of three. My children love to draw and I feel like I am always buying marker pens so the amount you get for the price is very reasonable. 

The kids were able to share a pack whilst Chris and I had another. The Day of the Dead bags come in three different designs with three different handle colours. Chris and I had so much fun colouring them, never mind the kids! We leaned quite lightly but obviously the children didn't know any better and leaned heavily. A mixture of the fibre tip pen and the paper bag meant that the colour seeped through onto the other side. Both sides of the bag have the same design printed but the kids didn't seem to mind and coloured around it anyway.

The Haunted House Photo Frames were our next choice. The kids love these because they are so simple and they can do the majority of it themselves. They only needed a little reassurance (especially 2 year old E) of where to place the stickers. There are three different colours of Haunted House to choose from; purple, green or orange, and stickers such as windows, doors, frames, cats, witches etc. to stick on. All are made of foam and are already adhesive, you just need to peel the backing off. No need for glue. Living in 2016, I very rarely print photographs off so we didn't actually end up using them as frames! They do come with adhesive magnets though so you can stick them on your fridge.

C was most excited to do the Sand Art. He loves working with sand more than anything - maybe it's because he likes making a mess! There are five different leaf shapes and they are completely adhesive so again, no messy glue required! It also comes with five mini bags of coloured sand and hanging ribbon. You simply peel one bit off, pour some sand on, shake off the excess and continue until the leaf is finished. This is definitely the kids favourite activity and they look absolutely fabulous when they are done. 

Before we used the Dotty Art kit I said to Chris that C would probably find it easier than E as he is older. I was wrong! She took to it so well. There are eight different spooky characters to choose from; monster, spider, ghost, cat, pumpkin, owl, bat and skull, and seven different sticker colours. Each sticker sheet has large, medium and small stickers to coincide with the circle sizes on the character sheets. 

The kids both got stuck in and only really needed us when it came to peeling the circles off the sheet. C did get a little bored and felt it was repetitive but we made it into a competition to see who could finish theirs first which got him a bit more excited again. I think they did a great job!

I've written so many times before about how C loves the foam stickers from Baker Ross. He got especially excited about these because they were autumn themed and he could recognise the acorns and pinecones from learning about them at school. 

I realised just how much he's grown up whilst doing this activity. Previously, he'd just take any sticker and place it anywhere on the page but now he had made sure his trees and animals were along the bottom of the paper and even put the apple and owl in the tree. There are 25 different tree, leaf and animal designs so they are great for making autumnal pictures.

Finally, we had our Friendship Bracelets. If I'm honest, these were probably the least interesting for the children but only because they are so young. I think an older child would get more use out of them. In saying that, C and E each had one and gave mummy and daddy one too. BFF's, right?

All in all, we adored this bundle of Baker Ross products. The quality of the items for the low prices are fantastic. C finishes school for half-term on the 28th October and I've kept a few pieces aside for him to do then.

You can view the entire range of products at the Baker Ross website or you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

(We received these items as part of our role as Baker Ross Bloggers. All thoughts and opinions are my own.) 
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