Monday 10 October 2016

What I've Won - September 2016

September wasn't an overly great month for wins. It was such a busy month so I wasn't entering many competitions at all. C started preschool so I was getting used to school runs, coming home and making lunch, cleaning the house, doing dinner then the kids bedtime and then I would be tired in the evening and not doing a lot of comping. I usually average about one win per day so I was short of that this month. Anyway, here's what I won!

1) Cake topper (RRP £8.95) from The Little Pink Toadstool
This was perfect timing for C's birthday. He thought it was brilliant. It is so well-made and I would definitely recommend the company.

2) Funko Pops (RRP £44.96) from Retro-Spective Collectables
 I started collecting Funko Pops at the beginning of this year so winning these was amazing! I actually only won the Wolverine and Punisher but because there was a bit of a delay in sending it out, they threw in the Young Elsa Pop and Batman vs Superman bottle opener too!
3) Mini hair straighteners (RRP £9.99) from Platinum Beauty
These are little travel straighteners and they are adorable! I love leopard print too so that's a bonus.
4) Denman hairbrush (RRP £8.00) from Denman
 I love Denman brushes! They are amazing and this one is scented too.

5) Leapfrog bundle from Leapfrog
I don't know much about this prize! It was Scout's birthday so they had ten bundles to give away. It hasn't arrived yet so I'm not sure what is coming or how much it's worth. I can't wait, I'm so excited.

6) The Jungle Book DVD (RRP £13.00) from Chic Geek Diary
I wanted to go see this in the cinema but Chris and I rarely go to the cinema without the kids so luckily I've won it! I can't wait for it to come. I love the cast list and think they are perfect for their roles.

7) Polka Dot bundle (RRP £32.50) from Polka Dot Home
I love love love this bundle! Especially the gorgeous cloud lamp.

8) 3 DVD boxset (RRP £7.00) from Good Movies 4 Kids
 C loves Halloween so spooky kids movies like this are perfect for him. He was so excited when it arrived and made me put Paranorman on right away!

9) Munchkin Latch set (RRP £19.99) from Munchkin
 I won this in an Instagram regram giveaway with Munchkin. I will be gifting this to a friend of a friend who gave me some baby bits when I was expecting E.
10) Trunki and Yondi (RRP £47.98) from Argos
 I have been trying to win a Trunki since I started comping almost 5 years ago. I won this with the Argos Birthday Club newsletter. You had to email them saying why you wanted to win - easy peasy!
11) Bow Holder (RRP £5.00) from Little Pretties by Emma
 E has an impressive amount of bows so always needs storage for them! This is so simple and cute. I love it.
12) Penguin pushalong (RRP £30.00) from Baby Swap or Shop
I don't have a photograph of this as I am keeping it for Christmas so I've left it in the bubble wrap! It's this penguin if anyone is interested and it's got E's name printed on it.
13) The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air boxset (RRP £34.99) from ScreenThing
I was so excited by this win -  I love this show! It was a simple Facebook like and comment giveaway.
14) Lightcase flatlay (RRP £49.00) from Folksy
This is a little photostudio for Instagram photos. I really, really wanted to win one of these as I'm thinking it could be good for blog photos too.
15) Chocolate picture makers (RRP £14.97) from Zimpli Kids
 These are so cool. C is at the perfect age for these so I can't wait to try them out with him.

Some pretty good wins last month! So in September 2016 I won 15 prizes worth £326.15. If I compare that to September 2015 where I won 18 prizes worth £243.85 and September 2014 - 6 prizes worth £240.47 it's pretty average!

Did you win anything nice last month?
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